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December 7, 2021

Prefect Launches Premier Technology Partner Program

WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 7, 2021 — Prefect Technologies Inc today announced the launch of its Premier Technology Partner Program. Participation in the program means that Prefect will ensure the integrations are validated and regularly updated so data engineers can more easily build, run and monitor dataflows across more platforms. Prefect and its Premier Partners will provide cross-product support, joint thought leadership campaigns, and engage in other go-to-market activities. Launch members include some of the most innovative companies in the modern data stack, including dbt Labs, Fivetran, Monte Carlo, Firebolt and PagerDuty.

Previously, all of Prefect’s integrations had been contributed and maintained by its open source community. Integrations in the Premier Partner program will now be marked “Verified by Prefect,” meaning that Prefect and the partner have inspected the code and tested for compatibility. In addition, the partner program offers better coordination across support, sales and customer success, allowing for easier and faster issue and bug resolution.

“We depend on our community of more than 11,000 passionate users to keep us informed about the most important new products in their data stacks,” said Jeremiah Lowin, founder and CEO, Prefect. “The investment we’re making in this initiative ensures we can build feature-rich integrations that help data engineers build better pipelines in less time.”

One inaugural Prefect Premier partner is Fivetran, the largest automated data integration platform built on a fully managed ELT architecture. Fivetran helps more than 2,000 companies synchronize their data from any source application to any destinations with more than 150 pre-built and maintained connectors.

“We’re finding that while our users love the ease of building and maintaining pipelines in Fivetran, many also have a need for more customized pipelines where ‘workflows-as-code’ are a better fit,” said Logan Welly, VP, Strategic Alliances at Fivetran. “Prefect offers an easy-to-use, yet powerful platform. We’ve gotten rave reviews from customers such as Winc and Clearcover using Fivetran and Prefect together and look forward to collaborating on technology, customer engagements and thought leadership together.”

Prefect users can expect to see dozens of more Premier Partners added throughout 2022. For a complete list of ecosystem partners, read our blog on the announcement or visit

About Prefect

Prefect is a dataflow automation platform for data engineers to build, automatically run and monitor complex pipelines at any scale. Prefect is used at thousands of organizations globally, and its open-source code base is supported by over 10,000 community members. Founded in 2018 by Jeremiah Lowin, Prefect raised its Series B in early 2021, and investors include Bessemer Venture Partners and Tiger Global Management. For more information on Prefect, visit

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