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December 3, 2021 Launches API to Seamlessly Integrate Data Into Any Third-Party Application

LOS ALTOS, Calif.Dec. 3, 2021 —, a leader in location analytics and foot traffic data, announced today the launch of its new API. Placer API is a fully featured REST API that is easy to integrate and offers support in a variety of different coding languages. Placer API enables developers and analysts to send requests that return a range of data and insights into executive and customer dashboards, internal reporting, predictive and competitive analysis tools and more.

“ data has become a critical piece of the decision-making process for hundreds of customers. By introducing our API, we are enabling even more teams to access the data and seamlessly integrate Placer insights into their internal tools and models,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Noam Ben-Zvi. “Bringing data into existing workflows only enhances our ability to fundamentally improve the way decisions are made.”

The API enables customers to seamlessly integrate a variety of data points, including:

  • Venue Information – Placer-managed entity information, including location, address, category, subcategory.
  • Visit Metrics – Estimated number of unique visitors and foot-traffic data.
  • Visit Trends  Estimated number of unique visitors and foot-traffic history by day, week, or month.
  • Trade Area Reports – List of polygons that represent the entity’s True Trade Area.
  • Trade Area Demographics – Demographic profiles for the True Trade Area using the census data in Placer’s existing dashboard.
  • Sub-Entities – Entities within a larger chain, tenants within a shopping center, or other deeper breakdowns.

Placer API is currently available to integrate into all third-party applications.

Learn more here.


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