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March 3, 2020

OvationData Selects Qumulo to Provide Storage-as-a-Service Platform for Oil and Gas Users

SEATTLE, March 3, 2020 – Qumulo announced that it has partnered with Ovation Data Services, Inc. (OvationData). Houston-based OvationData enriches the value of datasets from oil and gas companies in 50 countries worldwide.

Geoseismic surveys produce very large files containing a location’s seismic attributes and geological features typically found in oil or gas deposits. Single files easily reach 25TB and up in size, which makes them difficult to ingest, manipulate and output into findings.

Oil and gas companies “chunk” their largest files and send them to OvationData. OvationData’s previous primary storage was not capable of storing files above 4TB, and projects with 25+TB files were becoming frequent. The company needed a storage solution that could handle large file capacity and performance at a reasonable price so that OvationData wouldn’t have to turn away projects or waste resources managing file sizes to fit their storage architecture limitations. It also required highly secure file access, and simple deployment and optimization to support its dynamic environment.

OvationData’s team considered several options in order to digitally innovate for their end customers. “We chose Qumulo’s file and data services platform for its raw performance, high capacity, flexibility, and simplicity, as well as Qumulo’s highly responsive customer success team. Having choices of running Qumulo in both private and public clouds gives us the flexibility we need to produce outcomes for our customers,” said Bo Kennedy, director of IT infrastructure architecture for OvationData.


OvationData uses Qumulo’s file system as a single workspace to concatenate large file chunks from customers into single files. The company then verifies and remediates those file chunks according to customer requirements, and efficiently outputs the single file to transportable media or online.

Qumulo’s dynamic scaling also benefits OvationData’s environment, which assigns dedicated clusters to 30-day customer projects, and then reassigns them to another project. When the data has been output, the Qumulo nodes can be easily removed and space can be reallocated to other customers.

Real-Time Data Visibility

Visibility is also critical for OvationData’s workflow. Since the company prefers to operate close to the storage capacity threshold, it needed Qumulo’s clear visibility into file sizes, projects, owners, and retention dates. Having insight into this information also lets OvationData accurately estimate completion times and resource requirements per customer. Using Qumulo’s built-in analytics engine, OvationData can have real-time visibility across their entire set of workloads.


Efficient system consolidation and simplified management greatly reduced the time that OvationData’s system administrators spent managing the storage. Qumulo’s APIs smoothly integrated with OvationData’s orchestration tools. The tools automatically deploy, tear down, expand, shrink, modify, and set permissions on the Qumulo cluster without having to manually interface with the Qumulo system. OvationData also manages customer data deliveries and output without exposing the Qumulo clusters, which improves security in the API-driven environment.

Another advantage that OvationData has seen is the ability to equip clusters with built-in management interfaces. Browser-based centralized management is the default in areas with reliable internet connections, however, Qumulo clusters in the field may not have access to a connection. Built-in interfaces give local OvationData personnel the information they need to manage the clusters at remote sites.

“For companies that are considering a NAS appliance for big data transfer and manipulation, and that need simplicity and security, Qumulo is the answer,” said Kennedy. “There are many appliances that do a lot of different things. But a scale-out NAS appliance that’s simple to use and has the power to manipulate huge files? That’s Qumulo.”

About Qumulo, Inc.

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