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April 21, 2021

Oracle’s GoldenGate Now Available as an Elastic Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Service

AUSTIN, Texas, April 21, 2021 — Oracle today is making its trusted GoldenGate technology available as a highly automated, fully-managed cloud service that customers can use to help ensure that their valuable data is always available anywhere they need it and analyzable in real-time. The new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate service provides customers with a real-time data fabric platform to design, execute, orchestrate, and monitor their data replication and streaming data events. OCI GoldenGate is the first cloud service of any major cloud provider to offer an elastic, pay-per-use solution for general purpose database replication, data integration, real-time data ingestion to cloud, and support for time-series analytics while data is in flight, according to the company.

The new OCI GoldenGate service uniquely addresses event-based data integration for operational databases and analytic data stores. Conventional tools specialize in operational data integration or data engineering for analytics—but not both. With OCI GoldenGate, the exact same technology can be applied to mission-critical operational data stores as well as for real-time data warehouses, data lakes and streaming analytics. Unifying the operational and analytic data integration fabric helps customers to simplify their data architecture, avoid fragmented, complex tooling and ensures that the data being used for analytics is both timely and trusted. A unified approach aligns the operational systems of record to the business analytics more closely than possible with legacy batch processing tools. OCI GoldenGate is an ideal solution for modern, decentralized and multi-cloud data.

“Oracle GoldenGate is a highly trusted data integration solution for thousands of customers worldwide, including 84 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president, mission-critical database technologies, Oracle. “Oracle is now delivering the enterprise-hardened GoldenGate technology as a cloud-native elastic service to provide customers a simple-to-use, integrated, operational and analytic real-time data fabric. It cuts both the time and cost of creating a data integration solution in half compared to the options provided on competing clouds.”

The new OCI-native GoldenGate service automates many functions, including configuration, workload scaling, and patching while maintaining high availability. Its intuitive interface empowers non-DBA users to drive digital transformation, simplifying on-premises to cloud integrations, multi-region data synchronization, data pipelines, and multi-cloud database replication. The new service is seamlessly integrated with GoldenGate Stream Analytics for OCI, providing multi-cloud streaming data analytics with AI/ML, geo-spatial and time-series data. OCI GoldenGate’s web-based console application removes the complexity associated with deployment, providing easy setup and ongoing monitoring.

“In our transition to a cloud-first business and an always-on analytics solution, Oracle GoldenGate has been an instrumental part of ensuring that we have trusted and correct real-time transactions for analytical reporting,” said Bill Roy, senior director of BI and EPM, Western Digital.

“Broad market adoption by the world’s leading companies demonstrates Oracle GoldenGate’s proven capabilities in helping enterprises protect their most important, high-value data on-premises,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president, Data Management Software, IDC. “Oracle’s introduction of the OCI GoldenGate managed service should enable customers to integrate operational and analytic data into a single data fabric in the cloud. This, combined with pay-per-use billing, auto-scaling, and greatly reduced administrative overhead, gives OCI GoldenGate a level of usability and affordability that will be hard to match by other cloud-based or on-premises solutions.”

The new service runs on the latest GoldenGate 21c micro services architecture, which allows for a global mesh of connected data resources. OCI GoldenGate’s fully encapsulated microservices enable customers to seamlessly integrate the service into their dev-ops CI/CD pipeline as a first-class, infrastructure-as-code service. OCI GoldenGate is architected to integrate with on-premises Docker and Kubernetes “mesh” deployments of GoldenGate with no shared framework dependencies and no shared repository, enabling superior manageability with lower TCO. With a single click, developers and DBAs can set the service for 3x auto-scale—providing a scalable way to start small and grow as workloads increase.

Oracle GoldenGate

For more than a decade, Oracle GoldenGate has provided business continuity solutions to thousands of customers worldwide, including 84 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies. Oracle GoldenGate replicates databases and valuable transactions to keep data highly available and processes data streams to allow that data to be acted on while in motion. More recently, GoldenGate customers use it to help move data into data lakes, transform it in streaming pipelines, perform time-series analytics on streaming data, as well as to provide alerts on real-time data events.

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