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June 20, 2024

Oracle Expands Azure Capabilities with Autonomous Database on OCI

AUSTIN, Texas, June 20, 2024 — Oracle Autonomous Database is now generally available on Oracle Database@Azure in the Microsoft Azure East U.S. region. Oracle will operate and manage the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service, the second Oracle database service to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in Azure datacenters.

Oracle Autonomous Database helps customers accelerate application innovation and development velocity, and they can use it to migrate their existing Oracle Databases to the cloud. Oracle Autonomous Database is initially available via a private offer in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Oracle Database is the mission-critical database that the largest and most critical enterprises in the world trust with their most important data and applications. Oracle Autonomous Database provides a fully automated and managed Oracle Database service that is integrated with the Azure portal and APIs, enabling global organizations to migrate and run any workloads securely, from the simplest to the most mission-critical. It runs on-top-of Real Application Clusters on Exadata Cloud Infrastructure providing the highest performance, availability, security, and scalability. In addition to scaling up to handle the most demanding applications.

“96 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies and thousands of other leading global organizations rely upon Oracle databases to run their businesses,” said Karan Batta, senior vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Since launching Oracle Database@Azure, we’ve received incredible customer demand, which is why we responded with this strategic investment and are now offering the world’s first autonomous database to customers in Azure. With Oracle Autonomous Database, organizations can accelerate their data center exit plans and enable Azure developers to build solutions with ease.”

Oracle Autonomous Database on OCI in Microsoft Azure Accelerates Development Velocity

With Oracle Autonomous Database running on OCI in Azure datacenters, developers can easily provision an industry-leading data platform that can accommodate any data or development model for any use case, while eliminating or reducing the complex and time-consuming integrations. With this fully-managed and fully featured option, application developers gain access to database services at massive scale with the highest performance, security, and availability characteristics.

Oracle Autonomous Database can accelerate development velocity with a built-in low code development platform called Oracle APEX, a rich set of data engineering tools called Data Studio, an ML notebook interface for data scientists, and easy access to data lakes with support for the Apache Iceberg open table format and the Delta Share open data sharing protocol. Developers can easily utilize SQL, JSON documents, graph, geospatial, text, ML, and vector similarity search from a unified interface and a single database to rapidly build new solutions and add new functionality. In addition, Oracle Autonomous Database can accelerate application innovation with built-in AI capabilities and a developer’s choice of LLMs.

Developers and data scientists can also easily enable retrieval augmented generation (RAG) across their proprietary unstructured data in various formats (e.g., PDFs, images, videos, and audio clips) with Oracle database’s built-in vector processing capabilities, called AI Vector Search. With this feature, developers can easily join vector data to other structured business data in a single SQL query, enabling more insightful, efficient, and agile data analysis and decision-making processes.

With Oracle Database@Azure running on OCI in Azure datacenters, customers benefit from:

  • The ability to build new cloud-native applications using OCI and Azure technologies, including the rich set of Azure development and AI services
  • Flexible options to simplify and accelerate migrating their Oracle databases to the cloud, including compatibility with proven migration tools such as Oracle Zero-Downtime Migration
  • The highest level of Oracle database performance, scale and availability, along with feature and pricing parity with OCI
  • The simplicity, security, and low-latency to build integrated solutions with Autonomous Database and Azure services
  • Consistency with on-premises deployments of Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata to reduce the need to rearchitect or refactor solutions
  • Unified customer experience and support from Oracle and Microsoft
  • Simplified purchasing and the ability to leverage Oracle and Microsoft licenses, commitments and discount programs
  • The assurance of a unified service and architecture that are tested and supported by two of the most trusted names in the cloud

Learn more about Oracle Database@Azure here.

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