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August 3, 2021

Open Source Face Recognition Application CompreFace Adds New Features

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., August 3, 2021 — Exadel, a software engineering company that delivers digital platforms, products and applications, today announced updates to CompreFace, an open source face recognition application. Since its launch in November 2020, CompreFace has experienced quick adoption with real-world applications already developed.

The key updates to CompreFace include:

  • Additional face recognition services like “Face Detection” and “Face Verification”
  • Face recognition plug-ins like age detection, gender detection and landmarks detection
  • Added support for state-of-the-art InsightFace models, a popular face recognition library
  • Added scalability and GPU support
  • Improved user experience, including a new demo page and test page
  • JavaScript and Python SDKs makes integration with face recognition easy and can be used on any project that uses either of these languages

“It has been incredible to see the growth and support of CompreFace from the developer community,” said Sergey Pospielov, AI Practice Lead at Exadel. “We’ve been listening to feedback and have been continuously updating the application since its release. There are some great projects that have been created so far and we can’t wait to see how the community continues to use and adapt CompreFace for different use cases and industries.”

There have been several projects created using CompreFace to date. One is called Double Take, which is a unified UI and API for processing and training images for face recognition: The Exadel team has also created its own applications with CompreFace including BabyMatch, a free AI-powered app that compares family members’ faces to determine whether a child looks like its mother or father. And Strangers Recognition System, a computer vision video analytics solution for automatically processing security records.

Exadel has seen an increase in demand for face recognition applications in the FinServ, Retail, Hospitality, Automotive industries and markets like HR and Marketing.

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