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October 30, 2023

Octopai Announces Achievement of Microsoft’s Co-Sell Incentivized Status for Enhanced Metadata Management

TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 30, 2023 — Octopai, a global pioneering force in metadata management and enterprise-grade data lineage solutions, is pleased to announce its recent achievement of Microsoft‘s Co-Sell Incentivized status. This latest advancement solidifies an already robust alliance, now encompassing a collaborative selling approach. Microsoft’s global sales force is newly motivated to champion Octopai’s advanced metadata management solutions.

Upon achieving this Co-Sell Incentivized status, Octopai emerges as a preferred solution in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for metadata management. For Microsoft Azure customers, this comes with distinct advantages: purchasing Octopai directly from the Azure Marketplace means Microsoft will contribute 100% of qualifying offer purchases toward your organization’s Azure consumption commitment for each invoice period, inclusive of software and IP costs. For both Octopai and its customers, this streamlined approach significantly reduces the lengthy and tedious procurement process. Additionally, Microsoft’s global sales force is now incentivized to actively promote Octopai’s advanced metadata management solutions, providing even more momentum for businesses to take advantage of this robust collaboration.

“We are immensely proud to reach this milestone, a testament to the synergistic alignment between Octopai’s best-in-class metadata management solutions and Microsoft’s robust Azure platform. Earning the Co-Sell Ready and MACC statuses is not just an achievement for us, but a gateway for our clients to experience enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and innovation,” said Zinette Ezra, Vice President of Product at Octopai.

“For Microsoft customers undergoing a cloud transformation, Octopai’s data lineage emerges as a critical component ensuring business continuity, offering a seamless, insightful, and secure transition. As we step into this enriched partnership, our focus remains steadfast on empowering businesses with unparalleled insights and analytics, driving data-driven decision-making to unprecedented heights.”

In a dynamic data landscape, what distinguishes Octopai’s metadata management solution is its cutting-edge automation and mapping for data lineage, advanced insights, and seamless interoperability with cloud, on-prem, and hybrid systems.

Octopai’s platform offers data map layers with intuitive visualization, aiding businesses in tracing their data lineage with precision. It is designed to be a comprehensive solution, streamlining data hygiene, assisting migrations, and ensuring data quality. This collaboration with Microsoft further amplifies its capabilities, granting users a more cohesive and integrated data management experience with Microsoft’s suite of cloud, data warehouse, data movement and BI products.

By directly integrating with Microsoft’s suite of data solutions like Power BI, SQL Synapse DB, Azure SQL DWH, Azure Data Factory, SSAS, SSRS, SQLS, MySQL, and SSIS, Octopai allows for the widest breadth of end-to-end data lineage.

These integrations allow enterprises to trust their data at every step, enabling data teams to dive deep into their data’s journey and make decisions with newfound clarity and saving significant hours. These time savings are particularly impactful in areas like ad-hoc analysis, impact analysis, training, vendor data management, and production troubleshooting. These time savings are particularly impactful in areas like ad-hoc analysis, impact analysis, training, vendor data management, and production troubleshooting.

In line with strategic initiatives like Self-Service, Preserving Tribal Knowledge, Data Literacy and Democratization, Cloud Transformations, Migrations, and Data Landscape Technical Debt Reduction plans, Octopai offers more than immediate efficiency gains. Its deep, real-time insights into data flows can significantly accelerate and de-risk these strategic projects, making it a long-term investment in operational efficiency and risk management.

With Octopai’s collaboration, users can harness the comprehensive features of Microsoft’s data suite, achieving optimized data-driven operation, and for Microsoft Customers going through a Cloud Transformation Octopai’d data lineage is a critical component to ensure business continuity.

To see Octopai in action, request a brief product demonstration of the seamless and efficient integration between Microsoft and Octopai here.

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