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January 4, 2018

NYC Data Science Academy Introduces Courses in Data Visualization with Tableau

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2018 — Starting January 16, the NYC Data Science Academy will be offering a month-long, one-stop-shop on how to employ the power of data visualization for different needs and purposes across organizations. 

Business analysts must choose wisely when it comes to how they express insight or present data to key stakeholders. Tableau is an invaluable tool for anyone that regularly faces the challenge of working with multiple data sources, creating compelling visualizations, and rolling out data science product for continuous, scalable outputs to key stakeholders. This course offers an accelerated introduction to Tableau’s main features for achieving these objectives.

Through learning how to leverage Tableau’s tools, entrepreneurs, data scientists and managers alike will learn how data can generate value and inform strategy, becoming fluent in the principles of visualization, dashboard creation and the manipulation of large and various sources of data. Students will learn how to understand how to construct advanced visualizations like tree maps, sunburst diagrams, and geo-mapped data; use visual dashboards using principles like The Golden Ratio; and pipeline visualizations modeling large-scale data in continuous fashion.

‘Learning through doing’ in frequent visualization labs, case studies from industries as varied as finance and entertainment, and a capstone visualization project to spark their imagination, students will leave this course with a solid understanding of one of the most robust tools for business intelligence and analysis available today. In addition, the course will help prepare students for the Tableau Certification exam.

“Data visualization is a crucial part of the data science process and Tableau is the industry leader in data visualization tools,” said Vivian Zhang, co-founder and CTO of the NYC Data Science Academy. “We are thrilled to be adding this course to our great list of course offerings for all skill levels of data scientist.”

Courses will be taught by Wes Aull, a CPA/ABV who is a portfolio manager& data scientist at JTW Capital, who is also editing the blog Economic(a). His research interests include fundamental analysis, game theory, network science, data visualization, directional statistics, and algorithms relevant to nonlinear/periodic function approximation. He earned his M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, Master’s of Professional Accounting from University of Texas-Austin, and B.S. Mathematical Economics from the University of Kentucky. 

The first course begins on January 16, 2018, and meets eight times before concluding on February 8, 2018.

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About the NYC Data Science Academy

Founded in 2013, the NYC Data Science Academy offers high quality data science and data engineering training. Their top-rated and comprehensive curriculum has been developed by industry pioneers using experience from consulting, corporate and individual training and is approved and licensed by the NYS Department of Education. The program delivers a combination of lectures and real-world data challenges to its students and is designed specifically around the skills employers are seeking, including R, Python, Hadoop, Spark and much more. By the end of the program, students complete at least four real-world data science projects to showcase their knowledge to prospective employers. Students also participate in presentations and job interview training to ensure they are prepared for top data science positions in prestigious organizations. 93% of NYC Data Science Academy students are hired within six months of graduation.

Source: NYC Data Science Academy

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