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June 9, 2015

Novetta Releases Entity Analytics v2.5

MCLEAN, Va., June 9 — Novetta today released Novetta Entity Analytics version ​2​.5, an enhanced entity resolution and data analysis application that delivers enhanced customer analytics, security threat assessments, and fraud detection capabilities. Novetta Entity Analytics version ​2​.5 streamlines data integration, entity resolution, and relationship analysis processes to make it easy for even novice users to combine and resolve disparate data sets and explore​ t​he underlying content and context.​

“Novetta Entity Analytics v2.5 has new visualization tools and other features designed to simplify complex data mapping, profiling, measuring, and grouping of records into entities from any data set,” said Jim Cushman, President, Commercial & Products at Novetta. “Our new configuration console, service layer, engine enhancements, security integration, and simplified installation make Novetta Entity Analytics even easier to use – no data science degree required.”

The new configuration console in Novetta Entity Analytics v2.5 enables users to build integrated views of people, organizations, and locations across multiple data sets by constructing grouping workflows that leverage the power of a Hadoop cluster. Novetta Entity Analytics v2.5 saves time with new configurable, pre-built remediation strategies that allow users to accurately and rapidly resolve entities from multiple structured, unstructured or semi-structured data sources, eliminating the need to write complicated scripts or custom rules. Built-in profiling of all data within the cluster allows users to learn about their data, while adjustable thresholds and uniqueness values inform users about how views were formed to help ensure output meets business requirements.

“The most challenging aspect of dealing with customer data across the enterprise, is determining how numerous ​d​ata models, ontologies, and contexts are used to store information about customers, when they are referring to the same customer, and how those customers are related. That’s the problem we’ve tackled head on,” said Cushman. “We’re pulling back the curtain in Novetta Entity Analytics v2.5 to enable users of all skill levels to explore data within their Hadoop cluster. With our new release, companies and agencies alike can access an enhanced view of their data to improve customer service, campaign analysis, lead generation, fraud detection, and risk analysis.”

To make this information useful, the enhanced entity views Novetta Entity Analytics v2.5 provides must be integrated into or accessed by applications in use today. The new service layer allows dashboards and workflow in other applications and systems to leverage the same processes and output in the Novetta Entity Analytics configuration console. Resolved views of entities can also be published for use by other applications. This flexibility enables users to take full advantage of all underlying profiled, measured, and grouped records, and create, manage, and review samples.

Whether detecting fraud, generating targeted leads, expediting sales funnel growth, or building intelligence to drive laser targeted marketing strategies, Novetta Entity Analytics delivers the advanced analytics applications enterprises need to transform data and accelerate business.

About Novetta

Headquartered in McLean, VA with over 650 employees across the US, Novetta has over two decades of experience solving problems of national significance through advanced analytics for government and commercial enterprises worldwide. Novetta’s Cyber Analytics, Entity Analytics and Multi-INT Analytics capabilities enable customers to find clarity from the complexity of ‘big data’ at the scale and speed needed to drive enterprise and mission success. Visit​​for more information.

Source: Novetta

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