October 5, 2016

NGDATA Acquires Rednun

NEW YORK, N.Y., Oct. 5 — NGDATA, the customer experience management solutions company, today announced that it has acquired Rednun, a Netherlands-based company that specializes in creating personalized and data-driven video to optimize customer engagement. Rednun technology helps companies improve customer experiences by automating the personalization of videos.

The acquisition bolsters NGDATA’s customer experience operating system, Lily Enterprise, by offering companies a comprehensive solution for delivering relevant customer experiences. Rednun’s data-driven smart video technology will be a component of Lily Enterprise and will enable companies to more effectively use their data to drive continuous, real-time actionable insights for relevant customer interactions.

“This is a strategic acquisition enabling NGDATA to deliver a full end-to-end solution that leverages insight-driven processes to deliver optimal customer experiences,” said Michel Akkermans, chairman of the board at NGDATA. “NGDATA has been steadfast and strategic in expanding its business and accelerating the company’s growth.”

“NGDATA is the leader in helping companies deliver relevant, superior customer experiences, and the company’s success over the past few years is impressive,” said Ruud Schuijt, owner and managing director, Rednun. “I’m excited to add our smart video technology to the data-driven capabilities within Lily Enterprise and expand it on a global scale.”

NGDATA remains focused on data rich industries such as financial services, media and publishing, and telecommunications, and continues to be committed to building a customer experience operating system that automates and optimizes omni-channel customer experiences. This acquisition further strengthens NGDATA’s foothold in these target markets as Rednun brings a wealth of experience in working with organizations such as Bouygues, First Choice, ING, KLM, RWE, T-Mobile, TNT International, among many others.

“Customers’ expectations are increasing. They want to be treated as an individual, rather than part of an aggregate category, and want relevant offers that add convenience to their lives,” said Luc Burgelman, CEO of NGDATA. “By combining our Lily Enterprise solution with Rednun’s smart video technology, we will revolutionize how companies embrace digital transformation and improve marketing effectiveness.”

Discover how you can monetize your customer data with Lily Enterprise by creating your personalized video here: http://www.ngdata.com/personalized-smart-video.


NGDATA helps data-rich companies in financial services, media/publishing and telecom to automate and optimize omni-channel customer interactions. The company’s customer experience operating system, Lily Enterprise, captures data across all channels and provides enterprises with real-time insights to drive superior customer experiences. Lily’s Customer DNA puts the individual at the center of the organization by design, continuously learning from behavior to act consistently and timely for superior experiences. NGDATA is headquartered in Gent, Belgium and has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please visit www.NGDATA.com.

Source: NGDATA

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