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June 5, 2020

NewWave Announces Federal Government Deployment of Databricks in Microsoft Azure

June 5, 2020 — NewWave announces the first-ever use of Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform in the Azure for Government cloud (MAG) anywhere the federal government. NewWave has provided this unique capability as part of the re-envisioning of the technical infrastructure at CMMI.

NewWave was tasked with building a unique, leading-edge data management capability for CMMI in the Center’s mission to create new payment and service delivery models to transform how America delivers and pays for healthcare today.

NewWave has provided a solution for CMS’s current and future data needs across the data lifecycle – including data collection, data science, hypothesis-making for each model, data visualization and complex reporting.

“Our vision is to provide a simple and reliable technology and data experience for all of CMMI’s IT Portfolio stakeholders,” says Donghwa Kim, NewWave Vice President of Engineering. “We wanted to maximize reusable elements optimized in the best-of-breed cloud-based tools. This is why we went to Microsoft and Databricks.”

As importantly, NewWave’s solution provides the first working use case of Databricks in Azure that will be made available across the federal government. As with CMMI, the federal government is confronted with exponential data growth, siloed data, and problematic and complex data infrastructure problems.

NewWave’s migration of CMMI’s multiple cloud and on-premise legacy data sources to Azure for Government and the full deployment of a cloud optimized Databricks has solved this problem for the Innovation Center and could solve it across the federal government.

NewWave has baked-in all federal security requirements related to the storage, transmission, authentication, access control and auditing of protected health information. NewWave with its partners Microsoft and Databricks have taken the federal government to the next level of its Cloud Smart strategy of technological transformation.

“The federal government is really leading America in leveraging the cloud and the new generation of data tools,” says Patrick Munis, CEO of NewWave. “We are honored to be a trusted partner supporting the change in how government gets its work done.”

About NewWave

NewWave is a full-service Information Technology (IT), Business Services and Data Management company specializing in developing mission-critical Healthcare IT solutions using state-of-the-art technologies

Source: Michael Corbin, NewWave

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