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June 8, 2020

MoSys Announces Availability of its Graph Memory Engine Accelerator IP

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 8, 2020 — MoSys, Inc. announced that its Graph Memory Engine (GME) Accelerator IP is now running on Intel Stratix 10 FPGAs.

The GME is part of MoSys’ Packet Classification Platform, which was announced earlier this year, and is capable of performing embedded search and classification of packet headers. A typical use would be an alternative to TCAM functions. The proprietary platform software enables the compilation of TCAM images into graphs for GME processing. The GME product offering includes software, firmware and RTL and utilizes a common API and common RTL interface to facilitate platform portability.

Three implementations of GME will be available including:

  1. Pure hardware-agnostic, software version offering maximum flexibility and capacity;
  2. RTL-only version for use in an Intel FPGA for hardware-accelerated performance with no external MoSys memory device required. As it is RTL only, in addition to new designs, installed legacy systems can be reprogrammed to provide increased performance; and
  3. Maximum performance version when an FPGA is connected to a MoSys Programmable HyperSpeed Engine (PHE), with its 32 embedded 8 way threaded RISC cores.

Packet classification applications can now run much faster because the search performance on an FPGA when combined with a MoSys PHE can result in up to 100x performance improvement over a software solution running on a single core of CPU with DRAM. An implementation that utilizes the MoSys PHE provides enough additional performance to support the search throughput needed for two 100G ethernet ports.

“MoSys continues to expand the capabilities and reach of our new acceleration technology,” noted Michael Miller, MoSys’ chief technical officer. “With this new milestone of enabling our GME solution to run on Intel’s Stratix 10 FPGAs, the unique design of the MoSys platform enables software designers to leverage hardware performance without the cost or time needed to develop firmware or RTL. As importantly, our solution can be applied to a wide variety of advanced embedded applications including key-value store, networking search functions, machine learning, computation and algorithm acceleration, all of which can run on different hardware platforms.”

Target applications include FPGA-based SmartNICs and acceleration cards in a broad range of markets including: 5G edge compute, router, switching, security (Firewall, ACLs, DDoS, IPS and WAF), computational storage, database acceleration, Big Data, aerospace and defense, test and measurement, advanced video, high-performance computing, machine learning and AI, and other data-driven areas.

About MoSys, Inc.

MoSys, Inc. is a provider of hardware and software/firmware solutions that enable fast, intelligent data access and data decisions for cloud networking, security, test and measurement, video and other systems. MoSys’s Accelerator Engines are memory integrated circuits with unmatched intelligence, performance and capacity that eliminate data access bottlenecks to deliver speed and intelligence in systems, including those scaling from 100G to multi-terabits per second. MoSys’s Software Accelerator Platforms include software and firmware that focus on accelerating application-specific decision functions and are portable across a wide range of hardware configurations with or without MoSys hardware. MoSys’ hardware and software solutions provide system architects and designers with unique system acceleration options. More information is available at

Source: MoSys, Inc.