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December 22, 2021

MonetDB Released on AWS Marketplace

Dec. 22, 2021 — MonetDB Solutions today announced the release of its columnar database system MonetDB on the AWS marketplace [1], a free Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with a ready-to-use installation of the latest MonetDB release.

With this release, the AWS Marketplace has joined the family of supported platforms of the MonetDB software suite. The MonetDB AMI is kept up-to-date with future MonetDB releases.

“By making MonetDB available on AWS, we removed the hurdles for users to get started. Instead of having to worry about all the set-up steps, now users just need to start the AMI with their preferred AWS instance, and they’re ready to go,” said Dr Ying Zhang, COO and co-founder of MonetDB Solutions. “We’ll keep the AMI updated; the users get the best performance and functionality for their analytical jobs offered by a free, open-source solution!”

The MonetDB AMI provides the  full power of a MonetDB server on-premises users have enjoyed since 2004 to tackle their analytical problems, including:

  • Standard SQL features such as keys, joins, views, triggers, stored procedures
  • User authentications and data access control
  • SQL:2003 merge statements
  • SQL:2011 window functions
  • Full-fledged ACID properties for concurrent transactions
  • In-database analytics through SQL UDFs in Python, R and C/C++
  • High scale-up performance for OLAP and HTAP workload
  • Scale-out using distributed queries
  • And more…

Avoid the hassle of installing the software on your local machines. With the MonetDB AMI, users can get their databases up and running instantly. When the workload grows or shrinks, users simply restart their databases on a larger or smaller AWS instance carrying along the database storage volume. In addition, MonetDB comes with distributed query processing features to help users scale out to multiple instances.

“A small step in the cloud, a giant leap towards Serverless Revolutions”, said Sir Prof. dr. Martin Kersten, CEO and co-founder of MonetDB Solutions. “this is only the first fruit from our newly acquired investment [2]. Partnered with one of the world’s largest SaaS providers, we embark on a multi-year expedition towards a serverless Green Data WareHouse platform to assist businesses of any size to manage their data analytics workflow. Azure and other public cloud platforms are the next targets.”

This open-source product is part of a series of software innovations. The next one, called Cumulus, is in the making and will additionally provide the essential web-frontend tools to manage the database, monitor query performance, and run queries like you would expect from a command line interface. Cumulus is expected in 2022.

Leverage the MonetDB AMI to take your businesses into the MonetDB Cloud for performance, flexibility and user satisfaction. Join the community and share your wishes for the next release and products in the pipeline.

About MonetDB Solutions

MonetDB Solutions, a spin-off company of the Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science (CWI), is the official technical development and consulting company of the open-source analytical columnar database system MonetDB, specialised in database technologies for Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. In MonetDB Solutions, world-leading database researchers and engineers support software companies in developing cutting-edge applications addressing vertical markets, such as telecom, health care and education. For more information, visit

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