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August 10, 2022

Mindtech Shares Details on Platform’s Intelligent Data Engineering Capability

SHEFFIELD, England, Aug. 10, 2022 — Mindtech Global, developer of the world’s leading platform for the creation of synthetic data for training AI, has today revealed their key to efficiently supplying machine vision systems developers with enough accurate and relevant images to train their network—a process they call “intelligent data engineering”.

In part three of Mindtech’s synthetic data guide aimed at tackling visual AI’s training problems, Chris Longstaff, VP Product Management, Mindtech Global, defines intelligent data engineering as the “rapid, automation-assisted generation of relevant and accurate data”.

In this process, a synthetic data creation platform—like Mindtech’s own Chameleon platform—generates lifelike images of a specific scenario that engineers can turn into training data. Longstaff explains platforms like these are a vast improvement on the alternative: wading through real-world content (videos, photos) to find images that will successfully teach an AI how to act—a process that’s time-consuming and fraught with challenges.

In the guide, Longstaff explains why efficiency is key:

“Developers of AI based vision systems are dealing with hundreds of thousands of images, making manual review and selection impossible. Creating datasets by intelligent data engineering is the only scalable approach.”

You can read the full guide on Intelligent Engineering and how to eliminate irrelevant training data here.

About Mindtech Global

Mindtech Global is the developer of the world’s leading end-to-end ‘synthetic’ data creation platform for the training of AI vision systems. The company’s Chameleon platform is a step change in the way AI vision systems are trained, helping computers understand and predict human interactions in applications ranging across retail, smart home, healthcare and smart city.

Source: Mindtech