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November 3, 2022

MindsDB Announces Over 70 Data Integrations, Becomes Fastest Growing Applied ML Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 3, 2022 — MindsDB, the open-source machine learning (ML) startup bringing ML to the database, is now the fastest growing applied machine learning platform in the world with more than 11,000 GitHub Stars.

Figure 1: MindsDB GitHub star history from

Confirming the company’s growth trajectory, MindsDB also announced that it now has more than 70 technology and data integrations with many of the world’s leading compute, storage, and the most scalable, multi-cloud databases. These partnerships enable users of these data stores to take advantage of MIndsDB’s advanced ML from within these platforms, turning their databases into powerful predictive engines.

The MindsDB platform gives users of standard SQL the ability to leverage sophisticated machine learning. This empowers enterprises to accelerate the development of machine learning capabilities within their businesses while also lowering development costs through decreased complexity. MindsDB has already gained an enthusiastic user base of several thousands of developers using the platform for everything from predictions of heart disease risk through to insurance premium forecasts.

“We are very excited and gratified to be recognized as the leading and fastest growing open source machine learning platform in the world,” said Jorge Torres, Co-Founder and CEO of MindsDB. “The MindsDB platform is witnessing increased traction within enterprises seeking to leverage machine learning models with practical applications that deliver meaningful results for their businesses and is building on the momentum we see in our open-source community.”

“By working with MindsDB, we are unlocking the genius in the cloud for our customers by providing seamless and easy-to-use machine learning capabilities available through our fully managed cloud database service, MariaDB SkySQL,” said Franz Aman, CMO, MariaDB Corporation. “This machine learning integration lets our customers better utilize their data to find trends and create new efficiencies – all without having to move data to other systems or applications.”

“Running MindsDB with QuestDB can significantly increase the performance of processing time-series data and reduce the time required to train and deploy your machine learning models,” said Nicolas Hourcard, Chief Executive Officer, QuestDB. “As our customers deploy enterprise ML applications at scale, the seamless integration with MindsDB and QuestDB will accelerate the development and deployment of their time-series based machine learning use cases.”

About MindsDB

MindsDB helps anyone use the power of machine learning to ask predictive questions of their data and receive accurate answers from it. MindsDB was founded in 2017 by Adam Carrigan (COO) and Jorge Torres (CEO) and is backed with over $7.8M in seed funding from Walden Catalyst Ventures, YCombinator, OpenOcean, the venture fund launched by the creators of MySQL and MariaDB, SpeedInvest, and the University of California Berkeley SkyDeck fund. MindsDB is also a graduate of YCombinator’s recent Winter 2020 batch and was recently recognized as one of America’s most promising AI companies by Forbes.

Source: MindsDB