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December 7, 2023

KNIME Releases Improved UI, Enhanced AI Assistant, Modernized Scripting Experience with AI, and More

BERLIN, Dec. 7, 2023 — KNIME, the software company focused on making working with data intuitive, today announced KNIME Analytics Platform 5.2, the latest release of its open-source platform. The newest release includes substantial improvements to the user interface driven by community feedback.

Additionally, the KNIME AI Assistant has been improved to provide more accurate responses and to auto-create Python scripts and visualizations, making it easy for anyone to get started with and uplevel analytics, whether they are an experienced technical user or just starting out.

KNIME Analytics Platform is free and open in nature, making data science and analytics accessible to virtually everyone via its low-code/no-code interface. To enable all users to do more with their data, KNIME Analytics Platform 5.2 features enhancements to the KNIME AI Assistant as well as a significantly improved user interface based on community feedback, amongst others. Collectively, these improvements will reduce the learning curve for less technical users and streamline work to allow more advanced users to explore new disciplines. With version 5.2, users can:

  • Get around the UI easier and find what they need more quickly. With the enhancements made to the UI, it’s more convenient for both new and experienced users to find the nodes they need, navigate around the interface, surface relevant documentation, ask for help, and more.
  • Get faster, more meaningful responses from K-AI. KNIME’s AI Assistant, K-AI, now provides more accurate answers that help users accomplish what they need faster. It cites the sources it uses to provide responses, taking an important step toward establishing transparency and accountability within generative AI. K-AI has also learned to code and can suggest scripts for Python and Apache ECharts visualizations based on prompts.
  • Write Python scripts in a revamped editor. This release introduces a new editor with a totally modernized UI for the Python scripting node and a new Generic ECharts View node, giving users an enhanced scripting experience.
  • Build data apps and enhance your analytics workflows using large language models hosted on the cloud or locally. KNIME’s AI extension now provides support for Azure OpenAI Service and local installations of large language models. The flexibility to connect on cloud or private networks is critical for organizations that may have more strict controls and requirements in place for where models and data can be hosted.

“Revamping the user experience was a huge undertaking–and now, thanks to the continuous and critical feedback from our community, we believe we have a very cool and much more intuitive platform,” said Michael Berthold, founder and CEO of KNIME. “KNIME Analytics Platform 5.2 is software that beginners can use to actually learn data science, while experienced users can dive deep into new disciplines– getting guidance along the way from our AI assistant, whether it’s to write a Python script or build a workflow.”

Users interested in learning more about KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5.2 can download it for free here. To hear more about the highlights of this release, join KNIME’s What’s New webinar on December 13.


KNIME helps everybody make sense of data. Its free and open-source KNIME Analytics Platform enables anyone–whether they come from a business, technical or data background–to intuitively work with data, every day. KNIME Business Hub is the commercial complement to KNIME Analytics Platform and enables users to collaborate on data science and share insights across the organization. Together, the products support the complete data science lifecycle, allowing teams at all levels of analytics readiness to support the operationalization of data and to build a scalable data science practice.

Source: KNIME