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December 7, 2021

KNIME Announces Latest KNIME Analytics Platform Release

Dec. 7, 2021 — The latest versions of KNIME Analytics Platform (4.5.0) and KNIME Server (4.14) are now available.

Here are this release’s biggest highlights:

  • Improved Python Integration, including a huge performance boost. Python is now just as fast in KNIME as it is anywhere else.
  • Workflow Services make it much easier to call KNIME workflows from other workflows. Rather than invoking standardized (but limiting) JSON-based APIs, it’s now possible to connect directly to KNIME-native API endpoints. As a result, users can efficiently share many more data types between workflows and call on workflows with several inputs and outputs with varying data types.
  • (Even) more data wrangling options, with new connectors, like the Generic S3 Connector that can reach out to every kind of S3 compatible file system and the SharePoint Online List Reader. We’ve also added convenience to Excel nodes, as well as added and improved the performance of MongoDB nodes.

Visit this link for full release details.

Source: KNIME