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January 16, 2018

Kinetica and UClick Partner to Solve Data Challenges of South Korean Enterprises

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan. 16, 2018 – Kinetica today announced its official entry into the South Korean market through a partnership with UClick, a well-established total business solutions provider. Together, Kinetica and UClick will bring a new generation of databases accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs to help solve the challenges of local enterprises around processing large amounts of real-time streaming data. With the increased adoption of artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) in Korea, Kinetica will be a key enabler for various industries including energy, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications, to use real-time analytics to improve their business outcomes.

“UClick has built a strong customer base in the Korean market working alongside some of the largest enterprise technology companies. Kinetica’s addition in our portfolio complements our enterprise data platforms offering and broadens opportunity for us to leverage the increased demand for business solutions associated with the rise of big data, AI and IoT adoption,” said Nam Han Eom, CEO at UClick.

The Asia Pacific region has been reported as the third largest market for big data and analytics solutions and is expected to experience the fastest growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.4% by 2022 in big data and business analytics spending. South Korea has been identified as one of the key markets driving this growth and harnessing big data, AI and IoT technologies, along with Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

“South Korea presents a lucrative opportunity for data analytics as we see many conglomerates, enterprises, and the government having implemented GPU servers to meet the demands of machine learning and deep learning workloads,” said Joseph Lee, vice president, Asia Pacific at Kinetica. “Actionable intelligence is becoming a critical driver to business success today. It is increasingly important for companies to leverage valuable information collected to make vital business decisions, not only accurately, but also in real-time. We are thrilled with the opportunities to partner with forward thinking enterprises in Korea.”

Kinetica’s next-generation database solution will allow enterprises to make a phenomenal shift, by bringing together both BI and AI on a single platform. As opposed to most other legacy systems which run on CPU cores only, Kinetica’s database, which runs on NVIDIA GPUs, can support parallel data processing 100 times faster and at only a tenth of the hardware cost. Its enterprise-grade functionality delivers high scalability and can be installed on premise or run in the cloud via Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

“AI is pervasive and is in every part of smart city – autonomous driving, smart grid, healthcare are all based on AI technology. This results in massive amounts of data being created, which if analyzed by businesses, creates even greater opportunities for future innovation.  Kinetica’s database solutions open a new area in analytics where it is challenging to perform data analytics with traditional data platforms. For example, real-time geo-spatial analytics and visualization is made possible using Kinetica and NVIDIA’s Tesla GPU. This makes Kinetica and NVIDIA a good choice for new service initiatives in the smart city development,” said Eung Jun Yoo, Korea enterprise country manager at NVIDIA.

About UClick

Based in South Korea, UClick is a business transformation expert group in the fourth industrial revolution era. With a proven track record in information and communications technology (ICT), UClick has been helping companies solve their business challenges and to improve their business outcomes. For more information, visit

About Kinetica

Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Kinetica provides a GPU database to combine data warehouse, advanced analytics, visualisations, and is optimised for running machine learning and deep learning models. With Kinetica, users can simultaneously ingest, explore, analyse and visualise fast-moving, complex data within milliseconds to make critical decisions and find efficiencies, lower cost, generate new revenue and improve customer experience. Customers in verticals such as financial services, retail, healthcare, utilities and public sector use Kinetica for fast OLAP, convergence of AI and BI, and geospatial analytics. Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Tableau are part of the Kinetica ecosystem of cloud, hardware, server and software partners. Investors include Canvas Ventures, Citi Ventures, GreatPoint Ventures, and Meritech Capital Partners. Learn more at

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