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October 15, 2018

Kaazing Accelerates Real-Time Application Development with Next-Generation IPAAS

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 15, 2018 — Kaazing, a leading provider of event-driven web technology, has announced the release of its web streaming connectivity platform called With, developers are able to quickly launch scalable real-time applications and systems relying solely on web standards (no vendor SDKs needed). Available as either a fully managed or self-serviceable offering, alleviates enterprises and developers from having to deploy and maintain connectivity infrastructure.

Built on top of the cloud-native Reaktivity architecture, leverages the full power and scale of modern cloud hardware enabling it to deliver extreme message throughput rates at near-zero latency.

As an iPaaS, has three key capabilities:

  • Kafka Web Streaming: Stream data from a Kafka backend over the web to mobile and desktop applications.
  • REST Acceleration: Push dynamically data to clients whenever they are available on the REST API instead of having them poll for updates.
  • IoT Ingestion: Establish bidirectional data exchange between IoT clients and a Kafka backend without the need of intermediary brokers.

Overall, is looking to provide a new approach to real-time application development that is based on web standards and is aligned with the latest technologies.

“Whether it is going mobile, adopting hybrid IT or interconnecting disparate systems data has to be streamed over the web. Achieving such data delivery at scale in a secure and cost-effective manner is a great challenge and we’re excited to offer a solution that alleviates developers from having to solve this problem” said John Fallows, Kaazing Founder and CTO.

“With its innovative Kafka optimization technique for web-based applications as an iPaaS offerings, is well positioned to become a key enabler behind a new generation of digital transformation initiatives, especially in helping ISVs and developers improve Cloud apps performance and delivery,’’ said Albert Pang, president of Apps Run The World.

Pricing and Availability 

Visit to get started with Kafka Web Streaming on today. REST Acceleration and IoT ingestion features will be made available in the upcoming months. Please contact [email protected] for further details.

About Kaazing 

Known as one of the key contributors to the WebSocket standard, Kaazing has been solving real-time Internet connectivity for close to a decade. Its expertise and experience is culminating in a serverless solution allowing for fast, easy and secure data streaming over the web for seamless digital experiences. Kaazing’s customers span the Global 500 across a multitude of industries including some of the largest financial, logistics and entertainment organizations.

About The Reaktivity Project 

Reaktivity decouples the Protocol Stack allowing each layer to be executed in parallel on separate CPU cores. Layers communicate over shared memory resulting in a modular framework that maximizes throughput with predictable low latency. More information at 

Source: Kaazing

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