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September 30, 2016

InfoTrellis Unveils AllSight Version 4.6

Sept. 30 — InfoTrellis announced AllSight version 4.6, empowering data scientists to find, use and analyze customer data more efficiently. Many organizations have invested in big data technologies and data science teams, but struggle to get value from their data lake. Gartner predicts 90% of data lakes might be “useless” by 2017, and Forbes notes that 80% of a data scientists’ time is spent finding, cleansing, and de-duplicating data. InfoTrellis AllSight 4.6 addresses this problem by creating a real customer 360 from a messy data lake, and infusing it with intelligent attributes that fuel deeper data science insights. AllSight 4.6 contains ground-breaking functionality to visualize the graph-network of Customer 360 data, utilizes Spark to predict customer sentiment on a massive scale from all omni-channel interactions, and acts on customer intelligence with integration to business applications such as

AllSight is the first Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) System, a pre-built application that manages data, analyzes it, and acts upon those insights. It is a form of Business Solution “Insight Platform”, a category coined by Forrester Research, for platforms that blend data management, analytics and action to solve a new set of enterprise challenges.

“Customer obsession takes more than big data; you also must implement insights in software to drive customer-focused outcomes. A new class of software is evolving from big data analytics: insight platforms that combine data management, analytics, and insight execution,” wrote Brian Hopkins, in the Forrester Report Vendor Landscape: Insights Platforms, Q3 2016 Insight Platforms Turn Big Data Into More Action. “Unlike general-purpose platforms, business solution platforms focus on automating or assisting action in a specific business process or area like marketing. Moreover, many of these platforms are not purely systems of insight; the applications built on them perform data, analytics, and insight execution in the context of a broader system of engagement, record, or automation.”

AllSight 4.6 helps Data Scientists gain customer intelligence from their muddy data lakes and empowers business users with actionable customer insight, with these new capabilities:

  1. Find More Insights Via Graph-based Customer 360 Visualization – Enable users to search for customers and find relationships to any other data (other customers, products, competitors, concepts, places, events, or anything else). The expanded Customer Journey widget visualizes an entire timeline of interactions and events with every customer. Complex hierarchies of 10,000+ entities may be summarized and visualized in a single customer 360 dashboard.
  2. Enrich the Customer 360 with Deep Intelligence – AllSight utilizes the power of Spark and machine learning to infer intelligent customer attributes, such as life events, personality, experience and journey analysis, and sentiment, which has been expanded to scrutinize even more omni-channel data sources.
  3. Make Customer Intelligence Actionable – AllSight shares intelligent customer data with any business application via service APIs, and version 4.6 contains an enhanced integration with, providing sales reps with actionable customer intelligence on each contact and account.

“Many organizations have completed the first step of their data lake project –loading data into it,” said David Corrigan, CMO of InfoTrellis. “But that is the easy part. Getting value from the lake can prove quite difficult, and it is usually due to poor data. AllSight generates an enterprise Customer 360 automatically from the data lake, providing a huge head start for data scientists, while delivering the power of analytics and insights to the end business user.”

In addition to customer-centric data lakes, AllSight Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) System addresses other key initiatives. Clients utilize AllSight for a Real Customer 360 for CRM applications, including marketing systems for enhanced segmentation and targeting, sales force automation for improved account planning, and customer care for personalized service. Other organizations utilize AllSight CIM for their Enterprise Customer 360 initiatives, to synthesize all data sources into a customer 360 used in real-time by IT and business systems. Some clients have reinvigorated their Master Data Management initiatives with AllSight CIM, as a modern way to consolidate or be a registry of all customer data, including unstructured big data.

InfoTrellis AllSight 4.6 will be generally available in Q4 2016. For more information, please go to

About InfoTrellis

Based in Toronto, Canada, InfoTrellis ( was founded with one purpose – to help organizations get more value out of their data. From its inception in 2007, InfoTrellis’ vision has remained constant: We help companies utilize modern technologies that consolidate & transform fragmented data into good, intelligent data to be consumed by business users. InfoTrellis markets software products including AllSight (Customer Intelligence Management) and Veriscope (Master Data Management Data Quality), as well as consulting services for Master Data Management (MDM) and Big Data.

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