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February 22, 2017

Informatica Axon Introduced

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Feb. 22 — Informatica, the world’s No. 1 provider of data management solutions, today introduced Informatica Axon, the industry’s first fully integrated, enterprise data governance solution. Informatica Axon is designed to engage all constituencies, technical and business, to effectively govern an organization’s data. The solution enables enterprise data governance programs across a wide array of industries including highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, life sciences, insurance and others to connect people and data for better business decisions.

With Informatica Axon and its integration to the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform (IDP), customers can now take advantage of an intelligent solution for data governance and compliance, which plays an important role in addressing risk, compliance and regulation challenges including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR), BCBS 239, IDMP, HIPAA and many more.

Informatica Axon, based on technologies obtained through the acquisition of Diaku Ltd., integrates seamlessly with industry-leading Informatica data management solutions for data quality, master data management, big data and cloud to form the only complete, unified data governance offering, for any market and any size enterprise.

“Informatica Axon is set to be a market-disrupting force, with the promise of being particularly game-changing for financial services, healthcare and other industries with intensive governance requirements,” said Amit Walia, executive vice president and chief products officer, Informatica. “By integrating offerings such as Informatica Data QualityInformatica MDMInformatica Enterprise Information Catalog and Informatica [email protected] with Informatica Axon we are addressing customers’ enterprise data governance needs with a solution that no competitor can match in depth and breadth of functionality and in embedded data governance expertise.”

How Informatica Axon Transforms the Data Governance Landscape

Companies looking to stay competitive must embrace digital transformation with data as the foundation. Data governance means the difference between success and failure as the complexity and volume of data continues to grow. The overall constituency for data governance is highly stratified, ranging from data owners and stewards in the trenches to chief data officers and executive sponsors in the c-suite. Traditionally, a critical functionality gap has existed between governance tools that serve technical staff and tools that serve non-technical business constituents. Yet both types of tools are vital to effective governance. Data governance that combines technical data on the backend with a business lens on the front-end results in program and business agility.

Informatica Axon is the first integrated enterprise solution to close the data governance functionality gap and provide a complete, cohesive and compelling solution for all constituencies in a single unified offering on top of the Intelligent Data Platform. The result is faster time to value and lower total cost of ownership. This is game changing because some other companies only offer single purpose stewardship applications, resulting in lack of integration and cost overruns. By using Informatica Axon, organizations are now able to:

  • Address the full spectrum of data governance requirements for business and technical constituents, from individual data owners up to an organization’s chief data officer.
  • Achieve a holistic, top down view of data governance programs and progress by collating domain knowledge now typically scattered across disconnected constituencies. Data that is seamlessly connected, managed, and trusted from top to bottom drives reliable outcomes and increases success for a company’s key initiatives.
  • Provide an outstanding user experience to non-technical business users.
  • Enable collaboration across business and technical staff to better meet data governance goals. Effective data governance requires a strong collaboration between business & IT.
  • Use a single solution to address key data governance categories such as regulatory compliance, obtaining optimal value from data, and departmental/line-of-business data governance.
  • Deliver faster time to value and reduce total cost of ownership for data governance implementations by using a unified single-vendor solution that enables out-of-the-box productivity and is deployable in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Leverage industry analyst-recognized strengths of Informatica Axon in data governance stewardship applications and of Informatica in data integration, data quality, metadata management, master data management and big data management solutions.

About Informatica

Informatica is 100 percent focused on data because the world runs on data. Organizations need business solutions around data for the cloud, big data, real-time and streaming. Informatica is the world’s No. 1 provider of data management solutions, in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment. More than 7,000 organizations around the world turn to Informatica for data solutions that power their businesses. For more information, call +1 650-385-5000 (1-800-653-3871 in the U.S.), or visit Connect with Informatica at and

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