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April 22, 2020

Igneous and Qumulo Announce Expanded Partnership

SEATTLE, Apr. 22, 2020 – Igneous, a SaaS data management company for file intensive environments, and Qumulo, a provider of enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file storage and data services, today announced that their expanded partnership provides data protection in the cloud as well as advanced on-premises backup and archive.

Qumulo is the recognized hybrid cloud file storage leader by Gartner.  Its users create, analyze and retain massive data sets that span across multiple data centers and the cloud. With this partnership, Qumulo now recommends Igneous for efficient data protection to any tier of any cloud.

In addition, Igneous now recommends Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage as a backup and archive target for any heterogeneous NAS environment, protecting data from other vendors’ primary NAS directly to Qumulo. The partnership provides on-premises data protection, featuring fast recovery, compliance with regulatory requirements, and high performance for organizations without cloud direct-connects.

Enterprises struggling with how to protect billions of files and petabytes of data across many different NAS devices need a single strategy for data protection. Legacy backup solutions simply can’t keep up with the rate of unstructured data growth, causing missed SLAs and the potential for lost data. Igneous provides organizations a new way to address these data protection challenges, with a solution built for scale and performance. Similarly, Qumulo was designed and built for the cloud. It provides speed, visibility and flexibility to enterprises seeking to extract value from their billions of files and petabytes of data.

The SaaS simplicity of Igneous’ unstructured data management, combined with Qumulo’s hybrid file software, delivers these two data protection solutions optimized for the scale of modern enterprises. Igneous’ services integrate directly with Qumulo’s file storage to protect and move massive amounts of data without impacting production workloads.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Qumulo to offer both an on-premises and cloud data protection solution for the volumes of data generated by today’s applications,” said Christian Smith, VP of Product at Igneous. “Qumulo’s software-defined file system allows for hardware choice and flexibility in the datacenter. Simplicity, scale and performance for file data– it’s a no-brainer. With Qumulo and Igneous, organizations can be confident their data is reliably protected and applications are always available.”

“This is a great opportunity for Qumulo and Igneous to provide data protection capabilities at scale to enterprises that are struggling to protect large unstructured data sets,” said Ben Gitenstein, VP of Products and Solutions at Qumulo. “Our file storage software offers superior levels of availability which, when combined with Igneous’ high-performance indexing and petabyte-scale data movement, provides continuous data protection across distributed environments in the datacenter and the public cloud.”

About Igneous

Igneous is the SaaS data management solution for file intensive environments. Data-centric enterprises trust Igneous to provide visibility, protection, and movement at scale. Igneous’ API-enabled, cloud-native solution combines all data management functions allowing organizations to fully tap the value of their unstructured data while reducing risk and optimizing IT resources. Find out more at

About Qumulo, Inc.

Qumulo is the leader in enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file storage and file services, providing real-time visibility, scale and control of your data across on-prem and the cloud. Fortune 500 companies, major film studios, and the largest research facilities around the world trust Qumulo to help them create new products, new opportunities, and new business models. Real-time analytics provide visibility into individual user performance, usage trends and performance bottlenecks. Qumulo’s cloud-native file system delivers an identical experience and capabilities across on-prem, hybrid, cloud, and multicloud environments. The Qumulo experience makes storage simple, with continuous new features, a single solution for all workloads, and access to customer success experts on your schedule.

Source: Qumulo and Igneous