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February 22, 2023

HireLogic Secures $6M Series A Funding to Bring Conversational Analytics to Talent Acquisition Market

DALLAS, Feb 22, 2023 — HireLogic, an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled hiring interview intelligence solution, today announced a $6M series A funding round led by Joseph P. Landy, former Partner and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Warburg Pincus.

Existing investors from HireLogic’s seed round also participated, which brings total funding raised to over $10M. This investment will be used to advance the capabilities of HireLogic’s conversational analytics platform, expand go to market activities, and meet the demands of the firm’s growing customer base. HireLogic was conceived by recruiting industry veterans and Kingsley Gate Partners founders Umesh Ramakrishnan, Nancy Albertini, and Buster Houchins to help organizations improve the process of evaluating candidates with better structure, data, and insights.

Mr. Landy will join HireLogic’s board of directors, alongside Noam Eisenberg and Anirban Chakrabarti. During his 35-year tenure at Warburg Pincus, Mr. Landy grew the firm’s private equity assets under management to $56 billion and led investment in areas including information technology, Internet applications and infrastructure. Mr. Landy has previously served as a board member of CrowdStrike, Neustar Inc., Covad Communications, Avaya Holdings Corp. and Bausch & Lomb Inc.

“Joe is a proven investor and advisor to emerging companies, has helped numerous technology startups reach their full market potential, and recognizes the massive total addressable market opportunity for a common HR challenge,” said Anirban Chakrabarti, HireLogic CEO. “HireLogic will benefit tremendously from having access to Joe’s guidance and network as we embark on our next phase of growth and go to market activities. I want to thank Nancy, Umesh, and Buster for their enormous support, domain expertise, and customer insights that built the foundation for HireLogic. We are grateful for their guidance that has enabled our AI driven innovation to address the needs of the large global talent acquisition market.”

Joseph Landy

HireLogic has established a new standard for interviewing candidates and filled a gap in the hiring process. The solution leverages conversational analytics and AI to listen to interviews and provide objective candidate insights for better hiring decisions. Simply by inviting HireLogic to listen to any in-person or remote interview, hiring managers or recruiters can go beyond transcriptions and note-taking to understand how much of the job description the conversation covered, detect candidate attributes such as aspirations and leadership experience, and even provide valuable data for interviewer coaching such as potential question bias.

“I have experienced first-hand how much time and money organizations spend interviewing candidates, the lack of objective data being gathered, and the impact quality of hires has on performance,” said Joe Landy, lead Series A investor and former co-CEO of Warburg Pincus. “We are already seeing the transformational impact that AI and GPT3 is having, and expect to see this affect all sectors including HR. What Gong did for sales intelligence, HireLogic is doing for interview intelligence in a similarly large market, and their customers are already experiencing the benefits. I look forward to working with the HireLogic team to transform interviewing and capture this opportunity.”

HireLogic has developed advanced AI and machine learning capabilities specifically focused on the hiring domain, using a combination of proprietary and third-party best-in-class services.

The solution goes beyond simple keyword recognition to efficiently determine speaker roles, infer intent to recognize job functions and candidate characteristics, and even detect question bias for coaching and compliance. In addition to supporting video platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, HireLogic offers a companion app that can listen to any in-person or telephonic meeting, providing full coverage for all interview modes. To better prepare interviewers, HireLogic can optionally auto-generate smart questions for any position, leveraging a combination of OpenAI (GPT-3) and HireLogic capabilities.

Individuals and hiring managers who use HireLogic can expect to see immediate benefits in the form of increased productivity, with instant automated insights that enable faster, collaborative decision-making, and increased candidate engagement through better interview preparation, structure, and consistency. HR teams and organizations can augment decision-making with objective data, avoid memory bias, and detect potential question bias for coaching and compliance purposes. HireLogic does not stack rank candidates, screen them, or otherwise replace human decision-making, to minimize other forms of AI bias.

HireLogic has seen significant usage growth across its customer base within six months of public launch, listening to thousands of interviews a month and analyzing over half a million interview minutes. For businesses that use applicant tracking systems (ATS), HireLogic offers optional plans that include integration with popular ATS’ to automatically import job description and candidate information.

About Hirelogic

HireLogic is an AI-powered conversational analytics platform that dramatically improves interview productivity and intelligence to enable smarter, data-driven hiring decisions. Built on decades of recruiting experience and using advanced AI models, HireLogic extracts valuable insights simply by listening to any in-person or remote interview. HireLogic can be used by individuals or organizations of any size, who can start experiencing smarter hiring for free at

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