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October 18, 2022

Hightouch Adds dbt Code Checks to Its Data Activation Platform

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 18, 2022 — Today, at the annual dbt Coalesce conference, Hightouch, the Data Activation platform, announced dbt code checks, the company’s latest integration with dbt Labs. Now, as users update their dbt models in GitHub, they are proactively notified of any potential breaking changes to downstream Hightouch syncs, giving them the guardrails and visibility needed to empower more teams with data. This release improves Hightouch’s already best-in-class suite of solutions—including a dbt model selector and native integrations with dbt Cloud and dbt Exposures—that allow analytics engineers to quickly and securely activate their transformed data to over 100 downstream business tools. These integrations are offered in the same platform that gives users the deep observability, advanced security, and scalable performance that modern teams have come to expect from their software vendors.

With a single click, validate how dbt code changes impact Hightouch syncs directly from GitHub.

dbt Labs revolutionized how data teams execute modern analytics workflows, allowing them to transform their warehouse data reliably and quickly using SQL and software engineering best practices. The driving force behind building Hightouch was the company’s founders’ steadfast belief that the data warehouse should be the organizational source of truth. Organizations want to get more mileage out of the transformed data in their warehouse to go beyond analytics and drive business action. dbt is ubiquitous for modern data engineering teams, and Hightouch allows them to take advantage of their dbt workflows as part of their data activation strategy.

“Hightouch drives our mission-critical workflows, so it’s important to be able to know when our syncs break and what’s impacted downstream, or more preferably, to avoid breaking them altogether,” explained Erik Edelmann, Head of BI & Analytics Engineering at Vendr. “Thanks to Hightouch’s Git Sync, dbt Exposures, and dbt code checks features, we’re able to avoid sync outages by knowing exactly what will happen to our models and syncs before we make changes to the upstream entities and systems they depend on.”

With Hightouch, data and analytics engineers have a streamlined way to put their dbt models in motion and can:

  • Activate existing dbt models with Hightouch’s native model selector. There is no need to write custom SQL to activate data, especially when teams have already spent the time building robust dbt models. This functionality is version controlled through Git, ensuring Hightouch syncs always reference the most up-to-date data models.
  • Trigger Hightouch syncs and sync sequences to execute after dbt Cloud jobs run. This allows teams to automate workflows, simplify orchestration, and ensure that business teams are always powered with the freshest data.
  • Reliably release code changes to dbt models with dbt code checks to ensure that downstream Hightouch syncs won’t break. Further, data teams can get a birds’-eye-view of dependencies between dbt models and downstream Hightouch syncs with Hightouch’s native dbt Exposures integration.

All of these dbt-specific integrations are included in the same scalable platform recently ranked the #1 Reverse ETL software by G2, that delivers industry-leading reliability, deep observability, and advanced security trusted by hundreds of organizations as they activate their transformed data.

“We believe that building models should be the hardest part of an analytics engineer’s job, and also that data teams are looking for better, more automated ways to deliver that data across the organization,” said Tejas Manohar, Co-CEO of Hightouch. “With Hightouch, data teams can spend more time focusing on their core work, and let Reverse ETL put those models in motion where business teams work. dbt code checks is our latest innovation to make this vision even more seamless for analytics engineers, and we look forward to our continued partnership with dbt Labs as we help every team take action on customer data.”

These dbt Labs integrations are generally available to all Hightouch customers today, at no additional cost. At this week’s event in New Orleans, Hightouch is also leading a session titled “Data Apps in the Real World: How to Capture Value Locked in the Data Warehouse“, featuring their customer, Ramp.

About Hightouch

Hightouch is the world’s leading Data Activation platform, which syncs data from data warehouses to over 100 SaaS tools. Hightouch was founded on the notion that every business team—sales, marketing, support, success—needs relevant, accurate, and real-time customer data in the software they use to engage with customers including CRM, email, and support platforms. With data warehouses as the hub for customer data, Hightouch has pioneered the concept of Reverse ETL, which is the easiest way to get data out of data warehouses and into those customer-facing operational systems. Hightouch is based in San Francisco and backed by leading investors such as ICONIQ Growth, Amplify Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, Y-Combinator, and Afore Capital.

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