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April 22, 2024

Gulp Data and Datarade Partner to Empower Enterprises to Monetize Data

WILMINGTON, Del. and BERLIN, April 22, 2024 — Gulp Data, provider of data valuations, data-backed loans, and data monetization services, and Datarade, operator of the multi-channel data monetization platform Data Commerce Cloud, today announced a partnership to provide data valuation and monetization solutions to companies globally.

The partnership eliminates barriers to entry for enterprises and small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) looking to realize the value of their internal proprietary data. Gulp Data and Datarade are broadening the data-as-an-asset and data-as-a-service ecosystem by welcoming new commercial data providers onto their platforms.

“As more companies are looking for ways to monetize their data, we are making that process easier than ever,” said Jeremy Bruck, Managing Partner at Gulp Data. “Companies are able to quantify the revenue potential of their data assets via Gulp Data’s technology and accelerate their path to revenue with DCC’s platform and buyer network.”

Enterprises will now be supported throughout the data monetization journey, from data valuation, productization, licensing, demand generation, and optimization. Initially, companies will be given access to Gulp Data’s machine learning-powered data valuation platform. Gulp Data has conducted over 2,000 data valuations and enabled companies to identify hundreds of millions of dollars in their data assets since 2022. A data valuation can take less than 24 hours. Once companies understand the value of their data assets, Gulp Data helps them build compelling data products with enrichment recommendations and competitive intelligence.

Datarade’s Data Commerce Cloud (DCC) then enables companies to publish their data products on the largest data marketplace with just a click due to its no-code channel integrations. DCC’s current integrations include data heavyweights like Databricks Marketplace, Google Cloud Analytics Hub, SAP Datasphere, and its proprietary Datarade Marketplace. Since 2022, DCC has enabled over 100 data providers to publish 2,000 products across data marketplaces to generate inbound demand. Inbound leads from every channel land centrally in the provider’s DCC portal, where companies can also see lead insights, product analytics, and optimization recommendations to maximize success.

“There is significant value in enterprises’ internal datasets, especially in the retail, CPG and healthcare industries,” said Richard Hoffmann, Co-founder, Datarade. “Our partnership with Gulp Data will ensure that this value is realized in real, financial terms. The collaboration between our data monetization software and services will enable more companies to generate revenue from their data, and more data buyers to access crucial insights. Our partnership is contributing to a healthier data-sharing ecosystem for all stakeholders.”

To learn more about the data monetization solutions available with this strategic partnership, contact the Gulp Data and Data Commerce Cloud teams.

About Gulp Data

Founded in 2021, Gulp Data is a provider of data valuations, data-backed loans, and data monetization services. Powered by proprietary machine learning, the company can perform rapid data valuations to accelerate data monetization efforts, as well as provide non-dilutive loans using copies of the borrowers’ data as collateral. The company operates globally and offers its services to businesses of all sizes.

About Datarade

Founded in 2018, Datarade operates Data Commerce Cloud, a multi-channel data monetization platform designed to help data providers scale their data businesses. Using Data Commerce Cloud, companies can publish their data products in the largest data marketplaces with a click, massively reducing the time and engineering resources usually required to integrate with these platforms. Current Data Commerce Cloud integrations include Databricks Marketplace, Google Cloud Analytics Hub, SAP Datasphere, and its proprietary Datarade Marketplace, with more integrations to come.

Source: Gulp Data