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July 27, 2021

GraphCDN Acquires FastQL to Cement Position in GraphQL Caching

MIDDLETOWN, Del., July 27, 2021 — GraphCDN today announced its acquisition of FastQL, the GraphQL CDN service. Zach Hobbs, the creator of FastQL, will be advising GraphCDN, and FastQL’s customers will be moving to GraphCDN over the coming months.

“Zach was way ahead of his time with FastQL. We are very excited to be able to tap into his expertise as an advisor to GraphCDN,” says Tim Suchanek, founder and CEO of GraphCDN. “Together, we will continue transforming the way people operate their GraphQL APIs in production.”

“By moving to GraphCDN, our customers will benefit from its advanced features and stable infrastructure,” says Zach Hobbs, creator of FastQL. “GraphCDN brings a lot to the table with its 60 worldwide edge locations, per-user caching, traffic analytics, and malicious query protection.”

This acquisition cements GraphCDN’s position as a market leader. With FastQL in the fold, it is the premier choice for all teams to scale, inspect and protect their GraphQL APIs in production.

About GraphCDN

GraphCDN is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) for GraphQL APIs. It caches GraphQL query results at 60 edge locations worldwide, provides detailed analytics about their statistics, and blocks malicious queries.

GraphCDN is backed by a set of industry-leading investors, including Guillermo Rauch (CEO, Vercel), Tom Preston-Werner (Founder, GitHub), Matt Biilmann, Christian Bach (Co-CEOs, Netlify), Jason Warner (CTO, GitHub), Andreas Klinger (CTO, On Deck), Nicolas Dessaigne (Founder, Algolia) and many others.

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About GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language and server-side runtime for application programming interfaces (APIs) invented by Facebook that gives clients exactly the data they request. It makes it simple and developer-friendly to combine many data sources into one unified graph.

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