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September 15, 2023

Granica Introduces Chronicle AI for Deep Data Visibility for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage Customers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 15, 2023 — Granica has announced Chronicle, a new generative AI-powered SaaS offering that provides visibility and analytics into how data is accessed in cloud object stores. Chronicle is part of Granica’s AI efficiency platform, the company’s enterprise solution bringing novel, fundamental research in data-centric AI to the commercial market.

Granica Chronicle provides rich analytics and observability for data with a deep focus on access. Chronicle also speeds time to value for new customers of Granica Crunch, the platform’s data reduction service, and Granica Screen, the data privacy service.

“Granica is showing impressive momentum, being recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor two months after launching out of stealth and already introducing a new AI-powered product on their platform,” said Vanessa Larco, Partner, NEA. “Enterprise challenges around data security and compliance continue to grow as do pressures to control and reduce cloud costs, and Granica is in a strong position to help organizations tackle both.”

Cloud object stores — such as Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage — represent the largest surface area for breach risk given these repositories are optimized to store large volumes of file and object data for AI/ML training and big data analytics. With this surface area continuing to rapidly expand at petabyte scale, lack of visibility makes it hard for teams to optimize application environments for cost, ensure compliance, enable chargebacks, improve performance and more.

“Historically, the options for free visibility tools are either too simplistic or overly complex to solve cloud storage access issues businesses face day to day,” said Rahul Ponnala, CEO and co-founder of Granica. “These datasets are also typically siloed off, making it hard for teams to see the full picture around how their data is being accessed. Granica Chronicle delivers the sweet spot customers are looking for: a user-friendly analytics environment bringing data visibility across disparate silos together in one, cohesive place.”

Granica Chronicle is designed to provide data at-rest and access visibility into cloud object storage platforms, via an AI-powered, natural language interface which makes exploration, visualization and collaboration incredibly simple. After entering simple prompts, users are presented with relevant visualizations in graphs and tables that answer key questions related to:

  • Data security and compliance: Chronicle allows users to determine potential rogue/shadow access, determine if access is compliant (e.g., with GDPR), assess and minimize risk of breach or data loss, and maintain audit trails.
  • Cost optimization: Chronicle gives users more insight into scenario planning and analysis to determine potential termination of certain compute resources and determine the baseline performance/SLA to service applications. It can also help to define an optimal lifecycle policy across tiering and deletion.
  • Chargeback enablement: Chronicle enables users to stratify access and identify heavy users of a cloud storage platform.

To get started, users export their server and storage access logs and other freely available storage-related datasets from their cloud provider. Chronicle ingests these datasets and readies them for prompt-based exploration via a SaaS console. Chronicle is also collaborative, enabling users to participate in a shared view of prompt-based results and history with other cross-functional Chronicle users in their organization. FinOps, security ops and application teams can collaborate and explore their data and application environment to find actionable insights, all without any knowledge of SQL. Under the covers, Chronicle itself leverages other Granica AI services to maximize efficiency.

Pete Sonsini, Venture Advisor, NEA, and Granica Board Member, observed, “Successful AI is efficient AI, and getting and staying efficient starts with data. Granica’s new AI-powered cloud data infrastructure analytics service helps organizations keep their data compliant and safe for AI use, cost-effectively. I believe their recognition as a Gartner Cool Vendor is a testament to the impact they are making in the market, and this new product announcement puts them in an even stronger position.”

As part of the Granica AI efficiency platform, Chronicle is available now for early access. Apply here and start benefiting today.

About Granica

Granica is the world’s first AI efficiency platform. It boosts ROI on AI by increasing the information efficiency of AI training data, freeing up resources that C-level executives and enterprise AI teams can use to reduce costs and improve AI performance and outcomes. Powered by novel compression and deduplication algorithms, its byte-granular inline data reduction of petabyte-scale sensor, image and text AI training data runs transparently in the background, losslessly reducing AI data costs by up to 80%. Granica also provides privacy preservation for PII and other sensitive information, unlocking valuable data for safe use in downstream AI workflows. Granica’s AI efficiency services are easily consumed as an API by developers building applications that access AI data in public cloud object storage platforms such as Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.

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