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October 8, 2019

GoodData to Leverage Amazon Redshift to Help Enterprise and Product Teams Deliver Analytics Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Oct. 8, 2019 — GoodData, a leader in end-to-end analytics solutions, announced it is now leveraging Amazon Redshift, a cloud data warehouse by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“I believe that GoodData and Amazon Redshift represent an ideal combination for analytics in SaaS products.” said Zdenek Svoboda, VP of Product at GoodData.

In addition, the combination of GoodData and Amazon Redshift can change the way in which enterprise and product teams are making business decisions. Namely, the trend toward integrating analytics into business applications so every customer, partner, and team member becomes empowered with data and insights at the point of work.

Delivering end-to-end analytics solutions to every user across one’s business presents many challenges, such as the need to compute insights with low latency at high user concurrency, handling large data volumes, and keeping overall solution costs for development and operations low. At the same time, these solutions must deliver a user experience that is intuitive for those who are data-savvy as well as those who are not.

The combination of GoodData’s powerful end-to-end analytics platform and Amazon Redshift can overcome the bulk of the challenges associated with delivering analytics solutions to masses.

Thanks to this collaboration, enterprise and product teams can now use GoodData and
Amazon Redshift to:

  • Deliver actionable insights into applications and workflows, at the point of work
  • Achieve high adoption of analytics and BI systems across their business network
  • Reduce time needed for custom requests thanks to business-friendly ad-hoc data discovery
  • Build and deliver analytics solutions in weeks instead of months
  • Leverage the Amazon Redshift ecosystem, lowering down total cost of ownership

GoodData’s CEO Roman Stanek added, “Strengthening our relationship with AWS is another important step in our mission to deliver modern and actionable analytics to every business user.”

For more information, please visit the GoodData website.

Source: GoodData 

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