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August 7, 2019

Geospock Partners with the Baltic Exchange to Bring Insights to Global Maritime Air Emissions

CAMBRIDGE, England, August 7, 2019 – GeoSpock, the Spatial Big Data company, has announced it will partner with the Baltic Exchange to build the world’s most advanced global maritime spatial database. The data repository will act as a critical resource for the array of new datasets emerging from the industry.
The digital program will commence with a specific focus on maritime air emissions enabling collaborators to have unparalleled access to visualizations and data insights. It will allow for informed decisions to be made on clean air initiatives, effectively demonstrating how the industry is tackling regional and global emissions.

Shipping is central to the global economy, underpinning 90% of the world’s trade. This vast industry is undergoing an intense period of digitalization, with data analysis becoming fundamental to business success. Currently, the industry generates huge quantities of data; from every aspect of the supply chain from sensors in dispatch warehouses, onboard ships, in ports and on trucks. This data remains siloed and there is no central pool of data that companies, and the industry as a whole, can utilize.

The Baltic Exchange is developing the intelligent database to capture data on measurable aspects of the shipping industry. This includes metadata onlocation, weather, emissions, fuel usage and journey route and times. Through the collection of this data, the maritime market will have complete and instant visibility into the shipping landscape. Companies will be able to analyse and optimise shipping on a global scale, while providing regulators and governments with a new level of transparency.

The dataset and data science tools will be designed and built by GeoSpock. The GeoSpock Spatial Big Data platform, built on AWS Cloud, will be able to ingest and provide context to huge quantities of global maritime data from Baltic members and industry participants. While the project will initially focus on regional emissions, the initiative will have global capabilities and reach, it will embrace data science as a fundamental technology and how it will impact future skills and talent in the maritime industry.

About GeoSpock

GeoSpock brings sensor data to life – translating complex connections into meaningful visualizations that reveal the bigger picture. Its state-of-the-art spatial big data platform has the power to transform lives and businesses – whether it’s cutting harmful emissions by reducing traffic congestion or maximizing profitability by optimizing commercial operations. In just seconds, GeoSpock harnesses trillions of data points to discover hidden patterns and create a valuable new perspective in markets ranging from maritime and logistics to smart cities and data technology.

Source: GeoSpock

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