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August 10, 2017

DriveScale Enables Move from Public to Private Cloud for Clearsense

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 10, 2017 — DriveScale, the leader in delivering Software Composable Infrastructure (SCI) for modern workloads, today announced that Clearsense, a smart data company that is simplifying data analytics to help healthcare organizations obtain actionable information and measurable value from their data, has chosen DriveScale to provide public cloud-like flexibility and efficiency for its new on-premises data center managing its growing big data workloads. By deploying the DriveScale System, Clearsense is able to create the elastic infrastructure to run the Hadoop workloads it had in the public cloud, but with higher performance and at a much lower cost.

“In order to deliver critical, real-time healthcare analytics to our customers, we need our data center architecture to be agile, high performance and economically viable,” said Charles Boicey, Chief Innovation Officer at ClearSense. “Since deploying DriveScale with our Hadoop infrastructure, we have seen significant Capex and Opex benefits including better utilization of the infrastructure, lower upgrade costs over time, flexible resource allocation across multiple workloads and significantly reduced provisioning time. This means that as our customer needs increase, we can respond quickly and without having to make massive capital expenditures. The public cloud was a great place to launch our service, but as we became a large production application, bringing our computing platform in-house with DriveScale was a big win.”

DriveScale’s composable infrastructure technology is designed to better manage compute and storage resources by disaggregating them into separate pools and then flexibly binding them together as needed under software control. Performance is equivalent to direct attached storage (DAS), and no changes are required to the application stack. As the first solution on the market that empowers mainstream enterprises and Web-based application providers to easily and instantly provision and modify data center infrastructure to match changing application loads, DriveScale solves common over and under-provisioning issues that data center managers face, allowing them to improve utilization of resources and respond to end users’ needs in real-time.

With DriveScale, Clearsense can quickly expand and adjust clusters to ensure the correct ratio of compute and storage resources are available, easily reassign drives and compute nodes when failures occur without physically touching the systems, and respond to workload shifts with cloud-like elasticity and speed.

“Many of our prospects got their start running Hadoop on virtualized public cloud infrastructure. As they move into volume production many find that they need to migrate to ‘bare metal’ provisioning for performance reasons. Then as their volume increases there comes a point when bringing the computing platform in-house makes economic sense,” said Gene Banman, CEO of DriveScale. “Our technology provides for the most effective use of these private cloud investments while providing the flexible provisioning capability the operators became accustomed to with the public cloud services.”

About DriveScale

DriveScale is the leader in Software Composable Infrastructure for modern workloads. Our innovative data center solution empowers IT to disaggregate compute and storage resources and quickly and easily recompose them to meet the needs of the business. Enterprises can respond faster to changing application environments, maximize the efficiency of their assets, and save on equipment and operating expenses. DriveScale supports modern workloads such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, NoSQL, Cassandra, Docker, Kubernetes and other distributed applications at a fraction of the cost of alternative platforms. DriveScale, based in Sunnyvale, CA, is founded by technologists with deep roots in IT architecture that built enterprise-class systems for Cisco and Sun Microsystems. Investors include Pelion Venture Partners, Nautilus Venture Partners and Ingrasys, a wholly owned subsidiary of Foxconn. Visit or follow us on Twitter at @DriveScale_Inc.

Source: DriveScale

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