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June 8, 2021

Domo Introduces New Domo Everywhere Offering

June 8, 2021 — Today Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) rolled out its new Domo Everywhere offering that updates components of its existing embedded analytics solutions and makes available new capabilities to deliver a more powerful experience for organizations to improve customer experiences and create new revenue streams leveraging Domo’s powerful platform.

The new Domo Everywhere goes beyond legacy embedded analytics to enable sharing and collaboration of data in a highly curated experience. Domo Everywhere enables organizations to deliver a complete modern BI experience to their customers and partners. As part of today’s news, Domo’s existing set of embedded analytics products, including Domo Publish and Domo Embed, will be consolidated under Domo Everywhere, making it easier for customers to buy, deploy and benefit from this comprehensive embedded analytics solution.

“Domo is pushing external BI beyond the traditional ‘places’ that analytics content is embedded and the value that is received,” said Jay Heglar, Chief Business Officer, Domo. “With Domo Everywhere, we’re giving customers an easy way to create, deliver and monetize high value data solutions in a fraction of the time it would normally take and with a fraction of the resources required of any other approach. Domo provides the canvas to create and the platform to distribute data solutions to all customers making monetization of data, which can be a trapped asset, a reality.”

Since Domo Everywhere is built on the Domo platform, it is easy to deploy at scale and leverages all the Domo capabilities and advancements for modern BI. For example, it integrates with the identity-based attributes a customer already has in place, like partner IDs or categories, and uses them to permission data and content dynamically so third parties only see what they should, making distribution of data at massive scale easy and elegant. In addition, Domo Everywhere benefits from Domo’s enterprise security and governance, sub-second query and performance time. On the front end, Domo Everywhere leverages user-friendly data story creation capabilities, intelligent apps, visualizations and native mobile capabilities to enable personalized experiences with data for every user.

“Embedding data is a concept that has been around for decades. Domo Everywhere respects the simple need to deliver legacy embedding and extends the capabilities so modern businesses can create competitively differentiated experiences for their customers. We have broken down traditional barriers to scale. For example, we have a customer with nearly 500B rows of data being distributed to their customers via Domo Everywhere,” says Heglar.

Charles Larkin, Director of Data Analytics and a leader in Emerson’s cold chain business, commented, “With Domo Everywhere, we are able to leverage massive amounts of IoT data to create differentiated offerings that our customers highly value. Domo gives us the ability to drive even greater data participation and engagement from our customers through a highly personalized and interactive solution.”

Domo Everywhere is offered as a new service on the Domo platform and is available today.

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