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September 21, 2018

Domo Announces General Availability of Domo Publish

SILICON SLOPES, Sept. 21, 2018 — Domo, provider of a leading cloud-based operating system for business, today announced the general availability of Domo Publish, a new product offering that empowers Domo customers to monetize their data by making it easily shareable to subscribers outside their firewall.

Making data available as a service enables both Domo customers and members of their ecosystems to be more agile and to leverage data more cost effectively, through the scale, security and ease of use of the Domo platform. In addition, with Domo Publish, Domo customers are able to make data from the Domo platform available to subscribers through a robust, mobile-first and intuitive interface.

“Customers are looking for new ways to be competitive and data remains a relatively untapped asset to accomplishing that,” said Jay Heglar, chief strategy officer at Domo. “With Domo Publish, organizations can make their data sets available to suppliers and partners, driving new revenue streams while also improving the efficiency of how the entire ecosystem operates.”

As an example, retailers owning massive sets of point-of-sale (POS) data can use Domo Publish to make that real-time data available to their supply chains. Each supplier, understanding how they are performing in their respective categories, can now make better decisions and take more timely actions – such as offering in-store promotions, running digital coupons or adjusting their manufacturing –  to improve their competitiveness.

“We look at Domo Publish as a relationship tool. We collect a lot of data internally for market research and we turn that data into products that are delivered to many of the world’s top printing manufacturers as well as some of the world’s largest paper manufacturers,” said Chris Jones, chief technology officer at Keypoint Intelligence, a global data and market intelligence leader for the digital imaging industry.

With Domo, Konica Minolta Healthcare created AeroRemote Insights, a new annual subscription service that allows Konica Minolta’s medical imaging customers to easily access and understand their performance metrics related to patient care workflow and device handling to determine where improvements can be made.

“Partnering with Domo was the best choice for Konica Minolta,” said Steven Eisner, senior product marketing manager for Konica Minolta. “We were able to focus on the customer requirements while Domo handled the backend of making the data available. Because of Domo’s turnkey approach, we could take a great idea and turn it into a prototype in weeks, and into a product in months. AeroRemote Insights has become a huge differentiating service for Konica Minolta.”


Domo Publish is immediately available to all Domo customers. For more information, visit

About Domo

Domo’s mission is to be the operating system for business, digitally connecting all your people, your data and your systems, empowering them to collaborate better, make better decisions and be more efficient, right from their phones. Domo works with many of the world’s leading and most progressive brands across multiple industries including retail, media and entertainment, manufacturing, finance and more. For more information about Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO), visit

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