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January 21, 2020

Digital Technology Supercluster Announces 14 Projects Valued at $25M in Investments

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 21, 2020 – The Digital Technology Supercluster announced the launch of 14 new projects representing a total investment of $25 million today including the $4.65 million Fresh Water Data Commons (FWDC) project, led by Carl Data Solutions and its wholly owned subsidiaries Astra Smart Systems Inc. and i4CInnovation Inc.

The Supercluster technology projects just announced demonstrate the benefits of organizations working together to tackle some of the most challenging hurdles faced by major industries and sectors with the crucial benefits of driving economic growth and creating jobs, and positioning Canada as a world-leading digital economy.

“The Fresh Water Data Commons is an exciting demonstration of the scope, scale and ability of using big data and predictive analytics for environmental monitoring,” said Greg Johnston, President and CEO, Carl Data Solutions. “The platform that will drive the project has been designed to have virtually infinite scalability in support of environmental data collection, storage, and advanced real-time analytics. The technology developed for the Fresh Water Data Commons can be expanded across Canada, and the world, as a groundbreaking tool for better understanding of the water balance in different ecosystems.”

From water flow to information flow, the Fresh Water Data Commons is focused on collecting, storing, analyzing, and sharing data by building a hardware and software platform. The FWDC will offer a technological tool to help every part of Canada, and the world, use data to protect water, people, ecosystems and the economy, starting with a robust private-public water monitoring platform in the Columbia Basin in southeastern British Columbia.

As the demand for fresh water continues to rise, there will be an ongoing global need for water monitoring to balance the needs of industry and citizens, while also generating data for environmental studies to examine the genetic health and biodiversity of the environment and the impacts of climate change.

“The Digital Technology Supercluster is building strong momentum, creating a hotbed of innovation, collaboration and growth here in the Greater Vancouver region, and across B.C. and Canada,” Honorable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, said. “Today’s projects will have a transformative effect across Canada’s economy. They are not only ensuring all Canadians have access to the technology sector’s employment opportunities, but are also empowering companies to experiment with new technological solutions for some of our most pressing challenges. ”

About Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster

Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster is a cross-industry collaboration that includes some of Canada’s biggest names in healthcare, communications, natural resources, technology, and transportation. The Supercluster supports ambitious technology development projects by co-investing in collaborative enterprises to drive innovation. The Supercluster aims to position Canada as a global leader in digital technologies by bringing together small, medium-sized and large companies, post-secondary institutions, research organizations and not-for-profits. The Supercluster co-invests in ambitious technology development projects and new solutions to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of natural resources, healthcare and industrial sectors and energize the economy.

Source: Carl Data Solutions 

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