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August 24, 2023

dbt Labs Builds Momentum as the Industry Standard for Data Transformation

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 24, 2023 — dbt Labs, the pioneer in analytics engineering, has announced several milestones related to its continued growth and recognition as the industry standard for data transformation. Adoption of dbt, which applies software engineering best practices to data transformation in the cloud, has increased at a rapid pace over the past year. dbt Labs has added more than 1,000 new dbt Cloud customers while receiving significant industry recognition.

Over 3,500 dbt Cloud Customers Experiencing the Benefits of Accelerated Data Development

dbt Cloud has emerged as a mission-critical tool for data-driven companies working to build and deliver trusted data products. dbt Labs has seen particular growth in the enterprise segment. New customers in 2023 include AirServices Australia, Anheuser-Busch, British Red Cross, ThermoFisher Scientific, and Sequoia Capital.

Additionally, a recent Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact study found that companies that standardized their approach to data transformation with dbt Cloud experienced the following benefits:

  • Accelerated data development productivity by 30%
  • Time savings of more than 60% on data rework among data engineers
  • Data analysts recoup 20% of time spent gathering and preparing data
  • Avoided 20% of data transformation costs
  • Experienced benefits of $9.58 million over three years versus costs of $3.26 million
  • An ROI of 194% over three years

“Every senior data leader at every large organization we talk to right now wants to do two things at the same time,” said Tristan Handy, CEO and founder of dbt Labs. “They want their teams to move faster while also maintaining centralized governance and quality. Historically, it’s been challenging to do both simultaneously, but that’s no longer true with dbt.”

High-profile Recognition from Partners, Customers and More

dbt Labs received a series of industry accolades for the company’s tremendous work in helping data teams build faster and more reliable analytics workflows. The company was recently recognized in the following ways:

  • Snowflake’s 2023 Data Integration Partner of the Year
  • Databricks’ 2023 Customer Impact Partner of the Year
  • Databricks’ fastest-growing data and AI product of the year, seeing 260% YoY growth, and over 700 customers using dbt on Databricks according to the Databricks’ 2023 State of Data + AI report
  • Listed on the Forbes 2023 Cloud 100 for the second year in a row, the definitive ranking of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world
  • The number one late stage company in the Enterprise Tech 30, a curated list of the most promising private companies in enterprise technology
  • Nine recognitions for this year’s G2 Crowd 2023 list for Best IT Infrastructure Products – including Best Usability, Users Most Likely to Recommend, Best Support and Most Implementable
  • Inclusion in Redpoint Ventures InfraRed 100, a comprehensive list of the 100 most promising private companies in Cloud Infrastructure

The dbt Community More Than Doubled Since 2022 to Over 80,000 Data Practitioners

The dbt Community, which is now 80,000+ members strong, remains an essential industry hub for learning and sharing analytics engineering best practices. As the dbt Community continues to scale, dbt Labs remains committed to fostering an environment for data professionals to work alongside one another and contribute to the growth of the modern data stack. There are now 49 dbt Community Meetups happening in 26 countries around the world and 750 data developers have passed the dbt Analytics Engineering Certification exam and are now dbt Certified.

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About dbt Labs

Since 2016, dbt Labs has been on a mission to help analysts create and disseminate organizational knowledge. dbt Labs pioneered the practice of analytics engineering, built the primary tool in the analytics engineering toolbox, and has been fortunate enough to see a fantastic community coalesce to help push the boundaries of the analytics engineering workflow. Today there are 25,000 companies using dbt every week, 80,000 dbt Community members, and over 3,500+ companies paying for dbt Cloud.

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