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August 23, 2017

DataTorrent Launches Omni-Channel Payment Fraud Prevention Application

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 23, 2017 — DataTorrent, a big data analytics applications company and market leader in real-time, data-in-motion stream processing, announced today the availability of its DataTorrent Omni-channel Payment Fraud Prevention Application Suite in its newly enhanced DataTorrent AppFactory. DataTorrent’s Omni-channel Payment Fraud Prevention Application enables its customers to have a complete pipeline that includes ingestion, enrichment, fraud anomaly logic and triggers visualization to get customers production ready to fight fraud faster than previously possible.

This Application delivers real-time, data-in-motion analytics built for 24/7/365 production with sub-second latency, self-healing, enterprise-grade reliability and a scale-out architecture built with a complete pipeline that includes real-time business and operational visualizations.

Additionally, DataTorrent introduced DataTorrent AppFactory, an extension of its previous AppHub, making it easier for customers to find the specific applications needed to solve their business problems. AppFactory is a marketplace for big data streaming analytics use cases, reference architectures, and downloadable applications arranged by industry or technology.

“With our new Omni-channel Payment Fraud Application Suite, you can move your data insights and actions to the left-hand side of the data store so that as an event happens, a customer is able to prevent undesirable activity; thereby thwarting payment fraud,” said Guy Churchward, CEO of DataTorrent. “We are literally taking the whole payment industry from detection to prevention and enabling it to react faster than the fraudsters.”

The introduction of Omni-channel Payment Fraud Application and AppFactory occur in conjunction with the general availability of DataTorrent RTS 3.9.

RTS 3.9 highlights include new Application Dashboards that help to deliver a complete application experience and enhanced Application Metrics and Visualization tools enabling customers to create real-time metrics that are relevant to the overall streaming analytics application so that the business-relevant metrics customers desire can be easily computed and visualized. Additional features of RTS 3.9 can be found here.

About DataTorrent

DataTorrent is a big data analytics applications company, focused on accelerating customer business outcomes through enterprise-grade, data-in-motion analytics that provide true real-time views of information for actionable insights.

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