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September 28, 2020

DataStax Co-Founder and CTO Jonathan Ellis to Keynote at ApacheCon 2020 on Open Source in the Cloud Era with DataStax Astra and Apache Cassandra

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 25, 2020 — DataStax today announced that DataStax Co-Founder and CTO Jonathan Ellis will deliver a keynote address at ApacheCon @Home 2020, the official global conference of The Apache Software Foundation.

The keynote, “DataStax Astra and Apache Cassandra: Sustainable Open Source in the Cloud Era,” will explore how DataStax Astra, cloud-native Cassandra-as-a-Service, enables developers to rapidly build powerful cloud-native applications leveraging open source software.

ApacheCon will also feature talks from VP of Developer Relations Patrick McFadin and Developer Advocate Erick Ramirez. DataStax is a proud Platinum sponsor of the three-day virtual event that explores how some of today’s leading organizations and developers are using open source software to drive everything from big data and machine learning initiatives to search applications and game-changing web frameworks.

ApacheCon Keynote:
DataStax Astra and Apache Cassandra: Sustainable Open Source in the Cloud Era by Jonathan Ellis, DataStax Co-Founder and CTO – Tuesday, Sept. 29, Noon ET
Apache Cassandra is the best database for solving performance at scale. But it was designed for self-managed infrastructure. Since today’s leading developers want to spend their time building applications — not tuning databases — DataStax created DataStax Astra, cloud-native Cassandra-as-a-Service. Join Jonathan as he discusses how DataStax built Astra and how the company is bringing the enhancements they made for Astra back to open source Cassandra — proving that cloud and open source are not mutually exclusive.

ApacheCon Sessions:
Cloud-Native Cassandra by Patrick McFadin, DataStax VP of Developer Relations – Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2:15 p.m. ET
More and more developers are using Kubernetes to deploy large-scale infrastructure and, more recently, Apache Cassandra. Join Patrick to learn about some of the methods used to deploy Cassandra using Kubernetes, including storage options, network configuration, and monitoring. Learn about the current status of the Kubernetes operator for Cassandra and where it’s headed.

Getting Started with Cassandra the Right Way by Erick Ramirez, DataStax Developer Advocate – Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2:55 p.m. ET
Anyone who’s new to Cassandra is bound to run into some problems, same as they would using any other technology for the first time. Join Erick as he discusses the common pitfalls new users face, the top areas they ask for help, how to quickly diagnose issues, and more.


September 29 – October 1, 2020

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