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April 19, 2024

Dataminr Introduces ReGenAI to Enhance Real-Time Event Monitoring

NEW YORK, April 19, 2024 — Dataminr, one of the world’s leading AI companies, is launching ReGenAI (Regenerative AI), a new form of generative AI that automatically regenerates textual descriptions as events unfold.

Using predictive AI to analyze and synthesize key developments detected in more than one million public data sources, ReGenAI distills multidimensional events into concise event briefs that dynamically update. Customers can gain rapid understanding of an evolving event through a constantly updated, AI-powered live event brief, enabling corporations and governments to determine the impacts on their organization and respond more effectively.

“ReGenAI moves generative AI beyond the ‘prompt’ paradigm, with automatically regenerating event briefs that dynamically update in real time as an event evolves,” said Ted Bailey, Dataminr’s Founder and CEO. “With ReGenAI, Dataminr is transforming the future of real-time information, shifting away from static event reports and creating the first ever ‘live’ information. Governments and corporations can rely on ReGenAI to rapidly understand the scope and impacts of unfolding events, enabling them to act faster and keep their people and assets safe in an increasingly unpredictable world.”

“Dataminr, with its new ReGenAI, is an exceptional solution. By detecting incidents in real time and empowering the ReGenAI to synthesize this information, Dataminr not only speeds up our identification of security risks but also enhances our ability to respond swiftly and effectively,” said Chief Risk and Threat Analyst at Danske Bank.

“ReGenAI comes in as a living document, and it updates itself. So we don’t have to hunt for new information to learn that the status of something relevant to us has changed. We can adjust quickly based on the regenerative capabilities that [Dataminr’s] AI provides,” said Corporate Vice President of Operations, Public Safety, Engineering & Maintenance at Six Flags.

ReGenAI is the latest breakthrough from Dataminr, a longtime trailblazer in the field of AI. The company first pioneered multi-modal fusion AI for discovering events, risks and threats with unparalleled speed, scope and accuracy. In recent years, Dataminr deployed generative AI at scale, integrating real-time event descriptions that make public data signals actionable. Most recently, the company created more than 50 Dataminr-unique large language models (LLMs) and foundational models (FMs), turbocharging its predictive AI and generative AI capabilities and enabling Dataminr to pioneer Regenerative AI. The company’s LLMs and FMs are trained on its one-of-a-kind 12+ year historical event archive.

ReGenAI is available in its initial release on April 30th for Dataminr Pulse customers. This first release integrates ReGenAI for events of global significance and broad global scope. Future releases will deploy ReGenAI on a wider scale, integrating richer event context, customer-tailored impact assessments, and recommended customer actions. ReGenAI also unlocks the potential for generative AI to dynamically describe what might happen next as an event unfolds. Learn more about ReGenAI here.

About Dataminr

Dataminr has created a revolutionary real-time AI platform for detecting events, risks and critical information from public data signals. Recognized as one of the world’s leading AI companies, Dataminr enables faster real-time response and more effective risk management for public and private sector organizations including multinational corporations, governments, NGOs, and newsrooms. Most recently valued at $4.1B, Dataminr is one of New York’s top private technology companies with approximately 800 employees across seven global offices.

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