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June 29, 2023

DataGrail’s Risk Intelligence Exposes Unknown Shadow IT, Unlocks Visibility Across Entire Tech Stack with 2000+ Integrations

SAN FRANCISCO, June 29, 2023 — DataGrail, a leading Privacy Control Center, today announced that it is the first in the industry to reach more than 2,000 quality integrations, connecting seamlessly with today’s most common enterprise apps and infrastructure, giving businesses visibility they need to assess privacy risks appropriately.

DataGrail is the only data privacy platform that can uncover unknown SaaS and downstream integrations where personal data might be hiding. Its ability to identify these integrations through its Risk Intelligence is essential so that companies have a complete view of all systems that contain personal information. With Risk Intelligence, organizations can build a comprehensive data map of their entire tech stack, which helps them uncover and eliminate business risk.

Before companies can implement better data privacy practices, they must first inventory and map the data across all systems they use to run their businesses. In recent research, DataGrail found that manual data mapping exercises miss up to 50% of the applications storing personal data, creating a huge knowledge gap and increasing overall business risk; the likelihood that customer data is compromised is magnified when systems go unmonitored.

The solution to this challenge is the adoption of a data privacy management platform that gives a 360-degree view into applications storing personal data across all company systems — integrations are absolutely essential to this process. With its industry-leading Integration Network and Risk Intelligence, DataGrail can uncover and map all the places personal data lives within an organization.

“We invested in DataGrail because it stood out as a company that took a comprehensive approach to data privacy. The team at DataGrail displayed a keen awareness of the rapidly evolving technology landscape and recognized the importance of an integrated solution for the market,” said Victoria Treyger, General Partner at Felicis Ventures. “With the introduction of Risk Intelligence and over 2,000 integrations, DataGrail has successfully brought its vision to fruition. The platform caters to a wide range of businesses, from global industry leaders to emerging brands that may not yet grasp the full consequences of handling personal information. It is an encouraging step towards ensuring better data practices while meeting diverse business needs.”

The Importance of Integration

In addition to the hundreds of cloud-based applications companies depend on, employees are leveraging apps that IT teams may not know about. Gartner recently highlighted the scale of the problem, noting that in 2022, 41% of employees used, modified, or created technology “outside of IT’s visibility,” with this number expected to climb to 75% by 2027. The resulting data sprawl makes it immensely challenging to figure out what companies about their customers and employees and hinders their ability to properly safeguard data, manage application systems, and fulfill privacy requests, all of which open companies up to risk.

DataGrail stands out at a time when data privacy discussions often focus on the need for companies to be transparent with their customers– a problem that’s becoming increasingly complex with the mass proliferation of SaaS applications. Most companies want to achieve transparency and adopt strong data privacy practices, but they don’t currently have the infrastructure, insight, or manpower to create—and act on—a comprehensive picture of data privacy within their organization. DataGrail provides that missing link so that companies can act and handle personal information accordingly, giving people choice and control. With DataGrail customers can see at-a-glance which integrations are connected, its owner and historical activity, and make changes as necessary.

“We are on a mission to help people keep their personal information safe by empowering businesses to deliver on privacy rights, earning trust in the process,” said DataGrail CTO, Cathy Polinsky. “Doing so keeps both businesses and people protected. It’s how everyone wins.”

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About DataGrail

DataGrail is the Privacy Control Center modern brands rely on to build customer trust and outsmart business risk. Security, legal, and executive teams use DataGrail to automate privacy workflows and support compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA. With 2000+ pre-built connections for popular apps and infrastructure, DataGrail offers continuous system detection, responsible data discovery, guided privacy assessments, and automated data subject request (DSR) fulfillment to power the world’s most trusted businesses. DataGrail services millions of consumers through companies like Salesforce, Overstock, Instacart, and New Balance, and is a G2 leader. DataGrail is backed by leading VCs and strategic investors, including Third Point Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Next47, Cloud Apps Capital Partners, Operator Collective, HubSpot, Okta Ventures, and American Express Ventures.

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