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May 21, 2024 Launches AI Context Engine: Chat with Your Data, with Market-Leading Accuracy

AUSTIN, Texas, May 21, 2024 —, the enterprise data catalog and governance platform purpose-built for your AI future, proudly announces the full rollout of its AI Context Engine, set to redefine how businesses interact with their data.

Previously announced in Private Preview, the AI Context Engine uniquely connects LLMs with organizational data and business context to deliver more accurate, explainable, and governed responses. This milestone underscores’s commitment to fostering trust in data and accelerating the adoption of AI applications and experiences.

Data Experiences Are Changing, but LLMs Lack Business Context

Many teams want to benefit from the rapid advancements in generative AI, but few have unlocked a way to actually do so. People are starting to use tools like ChatGPT to confer with the internet’s data, but most organizations have yet to successfully move beyond experimentation to implementation for chatting with their own data. LLMs lack the necessary contextual understanding to interpret structured data accurately, leading to potential errors in understanding business terms and relationships, and their opaque decision-making processes undermine end-user trust.

The AI Context Engine

With the AI Context Engine, a team member can ask their data complex questions like: “How does our organization define ‘current retention rate,’ and how have these rates changed over the last five years?”

Incorporating business context and data into generative AI experiences is now easier than ever. The AI Context Engine is built on’s knowledge graph architecture, which connects metadata, processes, policies, people, and systems into a language AI can understand. As a result, LLMs powered by a knowledge graph are 4.2 times more accurate than those relying solely on SQL databases. Teams that use generative AI can finally have confidence in the answers and insights from their own structured data.

From speed to insight, to capturing additional revenue, to complying with auditing and traceability requirements, teams are already seeing results with the AI Context Engine – a platform that sits at the forefront of AI innovation.

The Customer Perspective

Vip Parmar, the Global Head of Data at WPP, said: “Enabling all of our colleagues to interact with our data applications and services in a natural way, is a vision that unlocks our data for creative use, irrespective of skills and specialisms. The AI Context Engine bridges the gap from discovery to use, seamlessly and effectively. We will roll out these capabilities and realize our vision in months; without, we’d be looking at years.”

Cris Hadjez, Senior Director of Data Governance at Norwegian Cruise Lines, said: “The AI Context Engine from is powering the future of Norwegian Cruise Line by producing insights through GenAI that enable us to deliver a positive customer experience. With the AI Context Engine, we’re accelerating implementations. Most importantly, we can demonstrate what the data is doing and how the LLM is generating responses — this level of explainability significantly improves trust and accelerates the adoption of AI.”

Why the AI Context Engine?

Chatting with your internal data isn’t brand new functionality. But to date, explainability has not been available on the market. Where once there was a black box, there is now a detailed explanation of an LLM’s path to response. Explainability is useful for organizations that need to replicate LLM results for business or regulatory purposes.

The AI Context Engine also allows for higher levels of LLM response accuracy than has previously been seen on the market. According to Gartner, over 80% of enterprises will deploy generative AI in production by 2026. Yet many businesses struggle to integrate AI with their own unique data, leaving critical insights untapped. Current market solutions have been hit or miss when it comes to accuracy – until the launch of The AI Context Engine.

Similar tools lack either the capability to build custom AI applications altogether, or require teams to arduously train AI models and build disparate, non-reusable, one-off applications. The AI Context Engine integrates into AI apps and experiences in a way that is repeatable and scalable.

More specifically, here’s what teams are doing with The AI Context Engine:

  • Enabling meaningful chat experiences with organizational data: With high accuracy and explainability, people without technical data skills can have insightful and trustworthy data conversations.
  • Creating advanced applications and experiences leveraging rich business context: Build sophisticated AI-powered apps that enhance productivity and innovation.
  • Utilizing robust governance capabilities: Approve questions and answers with auditability and traceability, helping compliance with business and regulatory requirements.

To schedule a demo of the AI Context Engine today, get in touch.

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