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July 25, 2023

Crux Reaches 300 Data Provider Milestone, Enabling Quick Integration of Analytics-Ready Datasets

SAN FRANCISCO, July 25, 2023 — Crux, a pioneer in the external data integration, transformation, and observability space, today announced that the company now partners with more than 300 data providers. By achieving this milestone and offering more analytics-ready external datasets, Crux can meet the growing data needs of its customers, enabling them to integrate external data quickly, accelerating the time to value for an increasing number of enterprise projects dependent on reliable access to quality third-party data.

In addition to working with data providers, Crux operates more than 60,000 pre-engineered, active data pipelines that deliver third-party data in analytics- and data science-ready formats. With a track record of delivering more than two trillion rows of data per year, Crux simplifies external data ingestion at scale.

“Crux’s momentum reflects the increasing demand for external data and overall data maturity by enterprises looking to make more informed decisions,” said Will Freiberg, CEO of Crux. “The focus on external data is intensifying as more organizations recognize the value of the insights. This growing maturity in enterprise data programs results in companies seeking data from a wider variety of sources and focusing more on core competencies like data science and analysis while leaving the data wrangling to experts like Crux.”

External data — such as datasets from governments, non-profits, and commercial data vendors — now functions as a category in its own right and is a vital business resource across multiple sectors, including finance, retail, supply chain, insurance, and healthcare. The rapid rise of cloud data marketplaces is also a response to the growing demand for external data. Scaling up to meet demand, Crux partners with leading data providers, including niche vendors such as Denominator, Veridion, Brain, and AlgoSeek.

“We’re thrilled to be one of Crux’s critical partners on their mission to expedite the integration of analytics-ready external datasets”, said Kristian Wredstroem, Head of Partnerships at Denominator. “Crux’s solutions allow investors and other stakeholders to easily integrate Denominator’s global DEI dataset for enhanced insights into their ESG strategies and impact. We’re looking forward to growing alongside Crux and by unleashing the power of external datasets.”

“Our collaboration with Crux is a strategic move that aligns with Veridion’s commitment to delivering high-quality, AI-curated business data”, added Veridion CEO Florin Tufan. “By leveraging Crux’s robust data integration capabilities, we’re able to provide our customers with more efficient and reliable data solutions. Ultimately, this partnership is about enhancing the value we deliver to our customers and advancing our mission to transform data into actionable insights.”

“We are happy to be one of Crux’s critical partners in enhancing the utilization of alternative data for quantitative funds through their advanced technology,” said Matteo Campellone, Brain Executive Chairman and Head of Research. “Crux’s distinctive approach to data integration and transformation provides a solution that accelerates the integration of Brain datasets into complex data pipelines, delivering information that is ready for data analytics and implementation of systematic trading strategies.”

“We’re honored to be one of Crux’s key partners. Crux’s cutting-edge technology platform excels in seamlessly integrating, transforming, and observing external data like no other, “said Jodhie Cabarles, Partnerships Manager at AlgoSeek. “Through our collaboration with Crux, we empower our valued institutional clients with the vital information they need, enabling them to achieve the full potential of data-driven decisions in their ventures.”

“Enterprise data engineers can spend months tracking down the right third-party sources, transforming the data so that it’s usable and figuring out whom to call if something goes wrong with a data stream,” said Dan Lynn, SVP of Product at Crux. “Crux has already done that work, and more enterprise leaders are finding that access to reliable, high-quality external data frees their internal teams to focus on more strategic work without adding to headcount, which is hard to do in an uncertain economy.”

About Crux

Crux is a cloud-based data integration, transformation, and operations platform that accelerates the value realization between external and internal data. Crux partners with our customers to ensure they get the data they need, how they need it, and where they need it. Its team builds data pipelines at scale and operates over 60K pre-engineered pipelines, delivering public and external datasets to the destination of choice. Crux pipelines come with embedded data monitoring, validations, and transformations and are supported 24/7 by our global operations team.

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