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June 10, 2024

Cribl Accelerates Data Management Productivity with AI-Powered Copilot

SAN FRANCISCO, June 10, 2024 — Cribl today announced Cribl Copilot, an AI-powered engineering partner that puts decades of engineering experience at the fingertips of every user, streamlining the efficiency of IT and security data management at scale.

Announced at CriblCon, the company’s annual worldwide user event, Cribl Copilot is fully integrated across Cribl’s portfolio of products, enabling customers to seamlessly tackle the most complex IT and security data challenges with the ability to build robust, efficient operations across Cribl Edge, Cribl Stream, Cribl Search, and Cribl Lake.

“There is a fundamental tension between the rate of data growth and the limited resources used to manage that data, leaving IT and security teams without the tools, time, or expertise to effectively configure and maintain new systems,” said Clint Sharp, co-founder and CEO of Cribl. “Cribl Copilot is your AI-powered engineering partner that’s uniquely equipped to understand the deployment models of large-scale data infrastructure beyond what any human is capable of. Copilot understands your environment and offers intelligent suggestions, generates optimal configurations in seconds, and automates routine tasks. We’re closing the skills gap in managing data at scale, giving IT and security teams the control they need. This means they can optimize data strategies and boost productivity like never before.”

Cribl Copilot is an AI-powered intelligent guide that accelerates efficiency in managing IT and security data at scale. With an innate understanding of the intricacies of complex data infrastructures, Cribl Copilot creates Day 1 value by helping users accelerate deployments and start getting the data they want in a matter of minutes. By augmenting the capabilities of existing staff with the compendium of knowledge from Cribl’s engineers, customers can build efficient workflows and resolve the most challenging data problems faster without learning curve delays. Cribl Copilot capabilities include:

  • Generate insights: Copilot anticipates users’ needs with auto-generated insights, dashboards, and notifications based on organizational data and system metadata.
  • Generate Code Functions, Pipelines, and Kusto Query Language (KQL) using natural language: Natural language reduces learning curves to minutes, enabling users to ask questions of their data and allowing Copilot to create complex observability pipeline configurations and search queries to find answers and get valuable data to any destination – fast.
  • Chat with Copilot to address problems: Coach engineers through the most challenging data problems by tapping the sum total of Cribl’s entire solution engineering experience in real-time.
  • Build AI-powered troubleshooting tools: Dedicated support guru for every engineer to build troubleshooting tools and reduce time to resolution of problems.

“Organizations need to be able to efficiently scale resources and data expertise to keep pace with the increasingly complex, distributed IT and application environments that span clouds, on-premises data centers, and edge locations,” said Bob Laliberte, principal analyst at theCUBE Research. “Utilizing AI-augmented solutions that accelerate the time to value and alleviate an ever-increasing skills gap will be critical to optimize, mitigate unexpected cost overruns, and ultimately streamline data management at scale.”

Cribl is committed to continually expanding its suite of products. In addition to the launch of Cribl Copilot, the following product enhancements were also revealed during the 2024 CriblCon keynote address:

  • Cribl Edge has extended scalability to 250,000 nodes, providing the world’s largest organizations with the control and flexibility to manage vast environments and simple monitoring of even the most complex Kubernetes deployments.
  • Cribl Search has expanded its capabilities beyond archival data stores to now include support for time-series databases and cloud data warehouses such as Prometheus, Snowflake, ElasticSearch, Azure Data Explorer, AWS OpenSearch and more.
  • Cribl University has expanded the Cribl Certified program with a new Cribl Certified Admin – Edge certification, furthering its mission to build data experts across the entire lifecycle of data management.
  • An all-new Cloud experience with Workspaces – multiple, independent security, privacy, and data strategies can be managed within the same organization.

Learn more about Cribl Copilot here.

About Cribl

Cribl, the Data Engine for IT and Security, empowers organizations to transform their data strategy. Customers use Cribl’s vendor-agnostic solutions to analyze, collect, process, and route all IT and security data from any source or to any destination, delivering the choice, control, and flexibility required to adapt to their ever-changing needs. Cribl’s product suite, which is used by Fortune 1000 companies globally, is purpose-built for IT and Security, including Cribl Stream, the industry’s leading observability pipeline, Cribl Edge, an intelligent vendor-neutral agent, Cribl Search, the industry’s first search-in-place solution, and Cribl Lake, a turnkey data lake. Founded in 2018, Cribl is a remote-first workforce with an office in San Francisco.

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