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May 11, 2023

Credo AI Unveils GenAI Guardrails to Help Organizations Harness Generative AI Tools Safely and Responsibly

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 11, 2023 — Credo AI, a global leader in Responsible AI governance software, today announced the general availability of GenAI Guardrails, a powerful new set of governance capabilities designed to help organizations understand and mitigate the risks of generative AI. GenAI Guardrails is powered by Credo AI’s policy intelligence engine and provides organizations with a control center to ensure the safe and responsible use of generative AI across the enterprise.

Generative AI has accelerated the drive for AI strategy and AI governance implementations across different sectors. Both executives and employees are pushing their organizations to adopt this new technology to improve customer experience, increase trust and boost productivity.

Credo AI’s recent customer and industry research has shown that despite the urgency for GenAI adoption, without sufficient controls and enablement, that urgency rarely translates to adoption. Lack of expertise in AI and now generative AI combined with concerns over security, privacy and intellectual property have driven many companies to take a “wait, review and test” approach towards generative AI. These same companies have voiced demands for a control layer at the point of use of generative AI systems that can facilitate responsible adoption and instill trust in these advancements.

With Credo AI’s GenAI Guardrails, organizations are empowered to:

  • Adopt policies and controls to mitigate top-of-mind generative AI risks – GenAI Guardrails provides organizations with out-of-the-box policy intelligence to define controls that mitigate the most critical risks of employee use of generative AI tools, including data leakage, toxic or harmful content, code security vulnerabilities, and IP infringement risks.
  • Prioritize and analyze generative AI use cases to understand risks and revenue potential – GenAI Guardrails help identify new high-ROI GenAI use cases for departments and industries to maximize the return on investment of AI projects while also ensuring safety.
  • Set up a GenAI Sandbox for safe experimentation and discovery – GenAI Guardrails provides organizations with a sandbox that wraps around any Large Language Model (LLM) and provides a secure environment for safe and responsible experimentation with generative AI tools like ChatGPT.
  • Futureproof their organization from emerging AI risks – As new generative AI use cases are discovered internally and new regulations and policies are introduced externally, GenAI Guardrails helps enterprises to continuously identify and mitigate new and emerging risks, with generative AI usage and risk dashboards.

The pitfalls of generative AI are laid bare every day, as companies stumble into generative AI deepfakes, code vulnerabilities, accidental use of personally identifiable information (PII), IP leakage and copyright infringement, and more. At this breakneck pace, regulation is struggling to keep pace and protect businesses and consumers. Yet, tech companies feel they can’t afford to slow down and miss this opportunity. That is why it’s essential that as companies adopt this new and untested technology they implement guardrails, in order to protect their brands and their customers.

“In 2023, every company is becoming an artificial intelligence company,” said Navrina Singh, CEO and founder of Credo AI. “Generative AI is akin to a massive wave that is in the process of crashing—it’s unavoidable and incredibly powerful. Every single business leader I’ve spoken with this year feels urgency to figure out how they can ride the wave, and not get crushed underneath it. At Credo AI, we believe the enterprises that maintain a competitive advantage — winning in both the short and long term — will do so by adopting generative AI with speed and safety in equal measure, not speed alone. We’re grateful to have a significant role to play in helping enterprise organizations adopt and scale generative artificial intelligence projects responsibly.”

This latest product offering is another example of Credo AI’s commitment to AI safety and governance, and continued leadership in the Responsible AI category as the industry rapidly evolves. GenAI Guardrails helps ensure Responsible AI frameworks can be applied to this emerging, fast-evolving technology and organizations have the tools they need to create a foundation for clear, measurable AI safety at scale.

To learn more about GenAI Guardrails, please visit the Credo AI blog or request a demo here.

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