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September 19, 2018

Couchbase Brings NoETL to NoSQL with New Analytics Service in Latest Release

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 19, 2018 — Couchbase, Inc., creator of the world’s first Engagement Database, today announced the latest version of the Couchbase Data Platform with Couchbase Server 6.0. The latest release delivers new Analytics Services that enable organizations to derive real-time insights from operational data with quick setup in five clicks. With new features including an industry-first capability to circumvent the ETL transformation process, the first commercial implementation of the SQL++ language in N1QL for Analytics, and Autonomous Operator for Analytics, enterprises can get faster access to data and  insights from operational data with minimal effort.

The Couchbase Data Platform supports hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) database requirements that allow business users to run ad-hoc analytical queries leveraging a massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture, without impacting operational application performance. Couchbase Server 6.0 provides immediate availability of operational data for analytical processing by enabling enterprises to run analytical queries on JSON data without the delay or complexity of schema re-design and data transformation that occur with relational databases.

From providing real-time game statistics at sporting events to making historical data comparisons against real-time data on the spot, Couchbase Server 6.0 has already seen its way into various enterprise use-cases where insights are being derived from operational data to make immediate business decisions that improve customer and employee experiences.

Some of the new features and associated benefits in Couchbase Server 6.0 include:

Analytics Service

  • NoETL for NoSQL: Process JSON data in its natural state without the need for any transformation or schema design

  • Fast ingest: Availability of data for analytical processing in milliseconds

  • Ad-hoc querying: Allows business users to explore data and perform complex joins and aggregations

  • Workload isolation: Run ad-hoc queries without impacting application performance

  • SQL for JSON: SQL-inspired language for working with nested, schema less world of modern NoSQL systems

  • N1QL for Analytics: First commercial implementation of the SQL++ language for querying schemaless semi-structured JSON data

Autonomous Operator for Analytics

  • Auto provisioning, auto scaling, auto recovery of analytics nodes with Couchase Autonomous Operator

Analytics Technology Partners

  • BI visualization tool: Knowi

  • ODBC/JDBC connector: CDATA

  • Integration with: Spark

Source: Couchbase

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