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June 6, 2024

Coalesce Marketplace Introduces 30 Certified Code Packages for Snowflake

SAN FRANCISCO, June 6, 2024 — Coalesce has announced the launch of its new Coalesce Marketplace at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 24. Currently available in private preview, Coalesce Marketplace offers over 30 certified, ready-to-use code collections, known as Packages, to expedite the development and delivery of Snowflake data projects.

“Data teams now have a faster way to build complex data objects on Snowflake in a standardized way,” said Erik Duffield, CEO & co-founder of Hakkoda. “When developers build with vetted Packages from the Coalesce Marketplace, they’re setting themselves up for shorter initial development timelines and an easier time troubleshooting projects down the line.”

Coalesce Marketplace provides data teams with access to Packages that contain templated code, node types, and macros that are designed for specific use cases, such as building out a Data Vault or incorporating machine learning functionality into data pipelines. Every Package on Coalesce Marketplace is certified to meet quality and performance standards.

Key benefits of building Snowflake data projects with Coalesce Packages include:

  • Automating the implementation of Snowflake features such as Snowflake Cortex AI functions, Dynamic Tables, Streams & Tasks, Materialized Views, external data loading with Snowpark, and more.
  • Accelerating and standardizing foundational pipeline development with ready-made node types for Stage, Dimension, Fact, and View tables.
  • Supporting methodology-related initiatives like Data Vault construction.
  • Empowering a wider range of users to build pipelines and utilize published data objects on Snowflake.

“Packages from Coalesce Marketplace will enable swift and standardized development of data projects without accruing technical debt,” stated Jay Gimple, CDO at TubeScience. “We look forward to utilizing packages to simplify the management and troubleshooting of complex data objects in Snowflake, and further improve our team’s efficiency and project quality.”

What’s Coming Next for Coalesce Marketplace

Coalesce plans to enable customers to create and share their own Packages via Coalesce Marketplace, fostering an exchange of best practices and transformation patterns across teams and organizations.

“Data teams will get time back in their day by finding and loading entire data pipelines from Coalesce Marketplace, reducing project timelines compared to starting from scratch,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

Learn more about Coalesce Marketplace here.

About Coalesce

Coalesce revolutionizes data transformations to accelerate the delivery of data projects. Recognizing data transformation’s critical role in the analytics lifecycle, we’ve created an inclusive developer platform that automates most SQL coding without sacrificing flexibility. Our platform boosts data team efficiency tenfold, allowing faster data pipeline development while empowering organizations to concentrate on extracting maximum value from their data. Discover more at

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