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September 21, 2022

Cinchy Launches Data Liberation Solution for Credit Unions

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 21, 2022 — Cinchy today launched a solution to help credit unions maximize limited resources, reduce operating and project costs, and optimize the member experience.

Credit unions are constrained by their core banking systems and a growing collection of SaaS and on-premise applications that trap and silo their data. This issue severely limits the ability to use this data to improve service offerings for members and drive operational efficiencies.

The Credit Union Edition of the Cinchy Dataware Platform was specifically designed to enable credit unions to extend the life of existing core systems and avoid the pitfalls of “rip and replace” approaches.

The new solution offers a turnkey setup to quickly liberate data in multiple ways:

  • Free to be connected with real-time data from core banking systems and applications without the cost, delay, and risk of copy-based data integration.
  • Free to be controlled with data “super powers” including auto-versioning, auto-backup, auto-protection, auto-correction, and auto-tracking.
  • Free to be accessible by unlimited users for instant collaboration without the friction of vendor paywalls, IT requests, or any compromise to data privacy.

“In an uncertain economic climate, credit unions can no longer tolerate the growing complexity of data integration,” said Bob Morgan, Chief Information Officer, PrimeWay Federal Credit Union. “With this solution, we are working with Cinchy to liberate our data, reduce the cost of change, and become even more responsive to the needs of our members.”

Cinchy Dataware Platform Credit Union Edition

The new solution has been launched to meet the specific needs of credit union organizations and rapidly introduce the benefits of data liberation with the following pre-built capabilities:

  • Data liberators that unlock data from core banking systems, apps, and spreadsheets, forming a network of data that supports real-time collaboration.
  • Control framework that simplifies and universalizes data access controls and delivers guaranteed data governance.
  • Solutions that deliver member insights, including 360 views, by leveraging liberated data from unlimited sources.

“At Cinchy our goal is to enable organizations to save money by liberating and controlling their data in ways that were not previously possible,” said Dan DeMers, CEO, Cinchy. “Today we’re making this a reality for credit unions with the introduction of the Cinchy Dataware Platform Credit Union Edition.”

About Cinchy

Cinchy provides the World’s first comprehensive dataware platform that leverages an operational data fabric to liberate data from apps and other silos and connect it together in an accessible data network. Leading organizations including TD bank, Colliers International, AIS, and Natixis use dataware technology to gain agility to eliminate integration, reduce the time and cost to build new applications, establish guaranteed data access controls, and enable effortless collaboration on quality data across the organization.

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