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September 27, 2016

Cask Announces Further Integration With Cloudera Enterprise

NEW YORK, N.Y., Sept. 27 — Cask, the company that makes building and running big data solutions easy, announced today further integration with Cloudera Enterprise, the most complete, tested, and widely deployed distribution of Apache Hadoop.

In early 2015, Cloudera and Cask launched a strategic partnership and deep technology collaboration aimed at driving innovation and rapidly delivering customer value for Hadoop solutions. Last week, Cask announced a preview of CDAP 4, the first unified integration platform for big data that cuts down time to production for data applications and data lakes by 80%. CDAP 4 features the new Cask Market “big data app store”, as well as other important enhancements pertaining to Cask Hydrator and Cask Tracker, two CDAP extensions for self-service data integration and data discovery. This upcoming release also features the following integrations between Cloudera and Cask solutions:

  • CDAP integrated with Cloudera Manager: With just a few clicks through Cloudera Manager, customers can install, update, and monitor CDAP directly within the Cloudera Manager user interface.
  • CDAP and Cask Hydrator integrated with Impala: This provides automation for ingestion and exploration of data using Apache Impala (incubating).
  • CDAP integrated with Cloudera Navigator: Rich, application-level metadata in CDAP is published into Cloudera Navigator, supporting governance and faster discovery.
  • CDAP integrated with Apache Sentry, Kerberos and Hue: This provides data security through management of Access Control Lists (ACLs) and permissions.
  • HDFS encryption: Read and written data can be seamlessly encrypted on HDFS in CDH for tighter security.

The 100% open source Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) lets developers, architects, data scientists and operators focus on applications and insights, rather than infrastructure and integration. CDAP accelerates time to value from Hadoop through standardized APIs, configurable templates and visual interfaces, and it increases efficiencies through reusable and portable components. Cask Hydrator is a Hadoop-native, self-service framework to build, run and operate real-time or batch-data pipelines. It provides a code-free, visual interface, and offers native support for AVRO, Parquet and HBase. Cask Tracker is a self-service data discovery tool to explore metadata, audits and lineage.

CDAP and Cask Hydrator provide automation for ingestion and exploration of data in Apache Impala (incubating). Hydrator provides a visual interface to create data ingestion and processing pipelines with native support for Parquet. CDAP automatically integrates all ingested data with Hive Metastore and makes them available as tables within Impala. Rather than writing a custom-scripted program to transform data into an Impala optimized format and scheduling periodic transformation jobs in a separate system, all that’s required is a few clicks or simple commands and either batch or streaming data will automatically be ingested and made available for high-performance queries with Impala.

‘We are pleased with Cask’s deep commitment to the Hadoop market and continual integration with Cloudera Enterprise, enabling us to meet enterprise customer requirements together,” said Tim Stevens, Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, Cloudera. “Simplified data ingestion, self-service data discovery, and enterprise integrations including for security and governance are must-have requirements in today’s environment, especially when it comes to important use cases such as Customer 360, EDW Optimization and Internet of Things. These capabilities help accelerate time to value for our joint customers and allow them to move past integration quickly and onto business goals.”

“We are proud of our partnership with Cloudera and of our continued work on these recent integrations,” said Jonathan Gray, Cask founder and CEO. “We work hard to listen closely to our customers and their insightful input, which is where much of this work comes from. Cloudera Enterprise is the most widely used Hadoop distribution for a reason, and CDAP keeps increasing its unique value-add on top of Cloudera Enterprise. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Cloudera.”

Join Cask founder and CEO Jonathan Gray’s talk on September 28 at Strata+Hadoop World 2016 in New York titled: “Unified Integration for Data Lakes and Modern Data Applications,” and meet the Cask team at booth #201 at Strata. Or join our webinar on October 5 with guest speaker Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri and Cask CEO Jonathan Gray, to understand how to quickly turn analytics insights into game-changing applications that drive business value.

About CDAP

The first unified integration platform for big data, Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) lets developers, architects and data scientists focus on applications and insights rather than infrastructure and integration. CDAP accelerates time to value from Hadoop through standardized APIs, configurable templates and visual interfaces. It enables IT organizations to broaden the big data user base within the enterprise with a radically simplified developer experience and a code-free self-service environment. CDAP is 100% open source, and along with its extensions Cask Hydrator for data pipelines and Cask Tracker for data discovery and metadata, it seamlessly integrates with existing MDM, BI and security and governance solutions.

About Cask

Cask makes building and running big data solutions on-premises or in the cloud easy with Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP), the first unified integration platform for big data. CDAP reduces the time to production for data lakes and data applications by 80%, empowering the business to make better decisions faster. Cask customers and partners include AT&T, Cloudera, Ericsson, Lotame, and Salesforce, among others. For more information, visit the Cask website at and follow @caskdata.

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