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November 26, 2019

Carl Data Solutions Signs $4.65M Project Agreement with Digital Technology Supercluster

VANCOUVERNov. 26, 2019 — Carl Data Solutions Inc., is pleased to announce that it has signed a Master Project Agreement with Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster (“the Supercluster”) to proceed with the $4.65 million Fresh Water Data Commons Project.  The budget for the project includes $2.3 million for work to be carried out by Carl Data and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Astra Smart Systems Inc. (“Astra”) and i4C Innovation Inc., to expand on existing IP by building a hardware and software platform for collecting, storing, analyzing, and sharing data.  The contract is effective immediately.

Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster is a cross-industry collaboration that includes some of Canada’s biggest names in healthcare, communications, natural resources, technology, and transportation.  The Supercluster supports ambitious technology development projects by co-investing in collaborative enterprises to drive innovation.

Astra President & CEO Pilar Portela is leading the Fresh Water Data Commons consortium which includes Teck Resources Limited, Microsoft, Living Lakes Canada, the University of Victoria, and Genome BC. The project will develop a robust private-public water monitoring platform in the Columbia Basin in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.

The platform and the technology developed for the Fresh Water Data Commons will offer a technological tool to help every part of Canada, and the world, use data to protect water, people, ecosystems and the economy. As the demand for fresh water continues to rise, there will be an ongoing global need for water monitoring to balance the needs of industry and citizens, while also generating data for environmental studies to examine the genetic health and biodiversity of the environment and the impacts of climate change.

“The Fresh Water Data Commons and subsequent new business through the commercialization of the products developed, demonstrates the scope, scale and ability of our core products.  Our platform was designed to have virtually infinite scalability in support of advanced solutions for environmental data collection, storage and real time analytics,” said Greg Johnston, President and CEO. “The focus of this project is ultimately global in nature.  Our existing relationships and emerging partnerships provide us with the means to quickly begin distributing these products both domestically, throughout North America and internationally.”

The Fresh Water Data Commons Project consolidates data sources from monitoring stations, water management control systems, third party historical data sets and projection models into a cloud based system which can then be accessed through a SaaS (Software as a Service) application or API (Application Programming Interface).  The platform provides the ability to analyze real-time data collected through a network of low-power sensors and gateways that can be expanded to cover most geographic areas. Initial sensors deployed through this project will measure key water metrics defined by the consortium but will also be capable adding any time series monitoring data from virtually any device through customized inexpensive transceivers. Biomonitoring will collect data that will build an understanding of the relationship between water quality, microorganisms, and active industries.  These insights can be then be applied to mitigate the risk of damaging regional watersheds.

About Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster

The Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster is a cross-industry collaboration of more than 400 organizations including some of Canada’s biggest names in healthcare, communications, natural resources, technology and transportation. It includes industry leading firms, start-ups, universities and research institutions working together as an innovative cooperative to develop products in a way that none of the organizations could do on their own. Over a ten-year period, it is anticipated that 13,500 new middle-class jobs will be created, and more than $5 billion generated towards Canada’s GDP through Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster projects.

It is one of five consortia selected by the Government of Canada to share $950 million in funding for the Innovation Supercluster Initiative, a strategy aimed at driving commercially successful innovation across Canada. For more information about the Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster, please visit:

About Carl Data Solutions Inc.

Carl Data Solutions Inc. is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) company that provides next generation collection, storage and analytics solutions for data-centric organizations. Carl, through its subsidiaries Astra Smart Systems and FlowWorks Inc, helps clients analyze and model environmental data through a powerful end-to-end network of custom sensor arrays combined with SaaS based monitoring, reporting, and predictive modelling applications.

Source: Carl Data Solutions Inc. 

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