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June 19, 2024

CalypsoAI Data Powers Everest Group Report That Reveals Generative AI Adoption Trends

WASHINGTON, June 19, 2024 — CalypsoAI, a leader in AI Security and Orchestration, announced that its data has been used in a new report by Everest Group highlighting the current state and future trajectory of generative AI (GenAI) adoption across various industries.

Everest Group’s “Generative AI Adoption – Examining Real-world Use in Horizontal Functions and Future Outlook” report shows that IT and security teams are at the forefront of using GenAI (66%) across business functions, with financial service organizations (33%) leading vertical industries in adoption.

Since the introduction of ChatGPT, business leaders have been enticed by the promise of GenAI improving production and expanding operational efficiencies. However, as that hype begins to die down, leaders are now questioning whether the technology will deliver on these promises and how to measure success. The data by Everest Group reveals that the top challenges CIOs face with GenAI adoption include a lack of clarity on success metrics (73%), budget/cost concerns (68%), a fast-evolving technology landscape (64%), data security and privacy concerns (55%) and a talent shortage (41%). To overcome these challenges, business leaders must start by identifying and investing in the use cases that are ultimately driving adoption as well as cost and time savings within their organization.

CalypsoAI’s AI Security and Orchestration platform allows enterprises to use multiple large language models (LLMs) across all functions of business, ensuring seamless integration, enhanced security, and scalable AI deployments. Founded in 2018, the company works with industry leaders across the Fortune 500 to achieve strategic insights and future-proof AI investments, driving greater efficiency and maintaining a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Because CalypsoAI’s technology touches every business function across industries, the company has access to unparalleled data and extensive use cases built over its years tackling AI security challenges. These valuable insights were sought out to fuel Everest Group’s research, which shows how GenAI, coupled with a secure AI Orchestration platform like CalypsoAI’s, shows promise in improving labor productivity, ultimately helping to alleviate burnout.

Key findings of the report include:

  • Across business functions, IT (51%) and security (15%) exhibit high GenAI adoption rates, followed by legal (14%) and HR (11%).
    • The top use cases within IT are automated code generation and debugging (35%), enhanced cybersecurity (30%), virtual assistance and support (20%) and software testing and quality assurance (15%).
    • Security teams use GenAI for threat detection and response (38%), phishing detection and prevention (32%the ), anomaly detection (20%) and AI security chatbots (10%).
    • Talent acquisition is the top use case (40%) for HR, followed by employee onboarding (25%), learning & development (20%) and HR Ops (15%).
    • Legal teams leverage GenAI predominantly in document-centric processes like review and analysis (35%), drafting legal documents (30%), compliance and regulatory monitoring (20%) and legal chatbots and virtual assistants (15%).
  • Financial services (33%), pharmaceutical (18%) and retail (16%) are the top three industries leading GenAI adoption.
    • The leading use cases in finance are fraud detection and management and personalized financial advice, while pharma’s use cases focus on drug discovery and development and protein structure predictions.
    • Retail uses GenAI for personalized marketing and promotional activities, as well as supply chain and inventory management.

“According to the data from Everest Group, more than 85% of GenAI proof of concepts fail to reach the production stage. For enterprises to get over this hump, they need solutions that can manage the technological sprawl of various models, ensure data protection and security, and ultimately expand use cases,” said Neil Serebryany, CEO and Founder of CalypsoAI. “AI security is a foundational element in realizing generative AI’s full value and, when coupled with the ability to orchestrate or manage a diverse set of AI capabilities, can help AI systems evolve and remain effective as technology advances. Only when this central piece of the puzzle is in place will organizations benefit from all AI has to offer.”

“CalypsoAI had the vision to establish the AI Security category over five years ago, before anyone even thought of ChatGPT. Its time in the space, the breadth of industries it serves, and the trust it has earned from its customers, made its data highly valuable for this study,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, Founder and CEO of Everest Group. “What we’ve uncovered from that data is that while we’re still in early days, there is so much potential for generative AI to deliver real value across a variety of business applications. For enterprises not sure where to start, this research provides a guide of use cases that can have immense impact.”

For more details on these findings, download the complete report here.

About CalypsoAI

CalypsoAI leads in developing and delivering AI Security and Orchestration solutions, driving innovation while strengthening the defenses of enterprises and governments with the power of generative AI and large language models (LLM). The company’s vision is to be the trusted partner and global leader across the AI Security domain, engaging with organizations of all sizes to harness AI’s immense potential responsibly and securely. CalypsoAI is dedicated to shaping a future in which technology and security unite, transforming business operations and contributing to a more productive world.

Source: CalypsoAI