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February 14, 2023

Call for Code 2023 Encourages Sustainability Solutions in AI, Opens Registration

BOULDER, Colo., Feb. 14, 2023 — Call for Code Creator, David Clark Cause, Founding Partner IBM, Charitable Partner United Nations Human Rights, and Program Affiliate the Linux Foundation launched the 2023 Call for Code program to encourage the development of AI-powered technology projects that address sustainability issues to help fight climate change. This year, Call for Code will challenge global developers, students, and startups to build and contribute to solutions that help accelerate sustainability by improving resource management, reducing pollution and protecting biodiversity.

To help engage more developers, this year’s Call for Code Global Challenge will transition from a single, annual global challenge to multiple “Challenge Rounds” throughout 2023. In each Challenge Round, teams will compete for cash prizes out of a total prize pool of up to US$1.4 million. Interested teams can register here for the first round, which opens March 1 and will run through April 7.

Winning teams can receive prizes in multiple Challenge Rounds during the year, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 USD. One winning team from each category – Developers, University students and Startups – will each be eligible to win a grand prize of $50,000 USD at the end of the year, including open source support from the Linux Foundation, which has open sourced more than a dozen previous Call for Code projects.

“Since its launch in 2018, Call for Code has become a global call to action for developers around the world to come together to think creatively about how they can use their skills to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. We believe that the new Call for Code Global Challenge format will empower even more developers to make an impact using open-source AI technology,” said David Clark, Founder and CEO of Call for Code.

Call for Code helps participants gain skills in AI and Cloud technology by using open-source-powered software such as Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud, and IBM’s embeddable AI portfolio, including IBM Watson Assistant.

Solutions should address at least one sustainability issue, such as:

  • Improve the ability to measure, analyze, or take decisive action on carbon emissions
    Address issues of water scarcity and quality.
  • Improve supply chain transparency and traceability to bring fast and accurate visibility to sustainability issues where they arise.

A full list of topics within the sustainability theme can be found on this webpage.

“Call for Code offers developers a hands-on opportunity to build new skills and put their problem-solving superpowers to work using IBM’s open hybrid cloud and AI technology,” said Kate Woolley, general manager, IBM Ecosystem. “It’s also been inspiring to see the support for Call for Code from our IBM Ecosystem business partners over the years, demonstrating the impact an ecosystem can have on addressing real-world issues – from improving connectivity in the wake of natural disasters, to efficiently monitoring safe water conditions and reducing food waste. I can’t wait to see what solutions the community produces throughout this year to help accelerate sustainability.”

Call for Code for Startups is a new program that connects startups, independent software vendors (ISVs), and venture capitalists (VCs) with select enterprises around new business opportunities. Participating startups and ISVs will create solutions using IBM AI technology that help address a specific sustainability need chosen by each enterprise. Interested participants learn how to get involved here.

About Call for Code Global Challenge

Developers have revolutionized the way people live and interact with virtually everyone and everything. Where most people see challenges, developers see possibilities. That’s why David Clark, the CEO of David Clark Cause, created Call for Code in 2018, and launched it alongside Founding Partner IBM and Charitable Partner United Nations Human Rights. In 2022 Call for Code was selected as the preferred innovation platform for the Right Here, Right Now Global Climate Alliance, the largest public/private initiative in the world promoting climate justice.

Source: Call for Code