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July 17, 2018

BOHH Labs and Teradata Partner to Securely Expand Business Data Analytics Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, July 17, 2018 — BOHH Labs, the leading provider of seamless and secure access to data, and Teradata Corporation, the leading data and analytics company, today announced a partnership to drive better business outcomes through securely accessing data in on-premises and cloud environments. The partnership empowers customers to leverage new valuable insights on their data, while mitigating the risk of internal and external data breach.

More companies are embracing digital transformation and integrating cloud services to enhance business agility, efficiency and extract analytics. Companies are under pressure to meet these demands and embrace hybrid environments, yet they hold sensitive and protected personal information in their databases, such as Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data that must stay secure but is also housed with data that could also yield valuable insight for an organization.

The collaboration between BOHH Labs and Teradata leverages each company’s strengths to address this challenge. BOHH Labs brings an easy to implement service that acts as a layer between the user/application and back-end data store. BOHH enables protection of all stored data, whether in a database or a document, by uniquely providing database or specific file security. All data is removed from the source, storing it separately without changing the structure. This enables prioritization and control of sensitive data that customers desperately need.

Enterprises rely on Teradata to break down the barriers found in hybrid environments and keep data readily available across multiple systems to manage their data and analytics better. The Teradata data migration approach focuses on addressing changing deployment needs, while maintaining data confidentiality, integrity and availability no matter where it’s located.

BOHH’s Secure Data as a Service© (SDaaS) enables sensitive and non-sensitive data residing in all Teradata ecosystems to easily be searched at once in real-time to extract valuable analytic insights without putting sensitive data that must stay protected at risk. BOHH accomplishes this by hiding the data, giving access to authorized users only. Blending capabilities of BOHH Labs and Teradata enables new data analytics from multiple systems regardless of sensitivity, while maintaining compliance and reducing risk.

“As the enterprise market continues to become more digital and the amount of data we produce rapidly grows, it is even more important that secure access to all data is simple. The ability to manage growing data volumes and extract more accurate results to deliver analytics on all data sets that can be monetized into profits is critical for businesses to stay competitive,” said Simon Bain, CEO of BOHH Labs. “Our partnership with Teradata is poised to revolutionize how enterprise data provides new insights and data-based product offerings while diminishing the threat of data misuse.”

“Teradata is committed to helping customers realize the full potential of their data in flexible environments while assuring security, privacy and regulatory compliance,” said Jay Irwin, Director of the Teradata Center for Enterprise Security. “By partnering with BOHH Labs, we can deliver our secure access that keeps our customers’ data readily available to turn previously off-limits data into actionable business insights.”

This partnership is changing the data landscape that impacts every industry and offers a secure solution for enterprises to unlock the value of new business data for transformation into profit.

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About BOHH Labs 

We are a San Francisco-based startup that unlocks the value of data with secure and seamless access. Our solution enables simple access to complex data securely without compromising business performance, speed, or customer accessibility. Built on patented security IP of unique keyless encryption, Artificial Intelligence technology, Natural Language Processing, and In-Memory Distributed Blockchain Ledger, we empower organizations to securely accelerate innovative enterprise applications and cloud services, while preventing intrusion to the enterprise ecosystems.

About Teradata

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) helps companies get more value from data than any other company. Teradata’s leading portfolio of big data analytic solutions, integrated marketing applications, and services can help organizations gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data. Visit

Source: BOHH Labs

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